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Daniel Negreanu is on the button with 9‚ô¶ 10‚ô¶ . He’s facing a big pre-flop raise. He calls.

He calls because he’s on the button with a fun hand. He calls because he’s Kid Poker. Oh, and he calls because he has a secret. He knows what his opponent has, and it doesn’t matter if he’s ahead or behind.


I’m in your head! I’m eating your noodles! I’m drinking your milkshake!

As we mentioned yesterday, as part of the Road to 100 Billion party, PokerStars is looking back at some of the most fun hands it has ever broadcast. You get to vote on your favorite on the PokerStars YouTube channel.

The Negreanu hand is one of them.

We have a secret, too.

We didn’t mention it yesterday, but how you end up voting in the Greatest Poker Hand contest will make a difference in the upcoming Zoom and Boom! promotion. What’s that? Well, once the Greatest Poker Hand has been determined, for one week if you manage to win a pot post-flop with the same hand and post the hand on the BOOM! replayer, you will get a cash reward worth 100 big blinds at the stakes you were playing up to $100.

So, head on over to the PokerStars YouTube channel and see if Negreanu has any more secrets for you.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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