Friday, 19th April 2024 10:11
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Hello and welcome to a drizzly Dublin, where 250 of Europe’s finest – and a fair representation from the other side of the Atlantic – have put down their €4,000 for a shot at the latest EPT title. And the small matter of a million euro prize-pool.

Dubin has delivered. There’s Guinness and there’s rain. No one expected anything more or less and everyone is happy.

The best of Dublin: a bar and some rain

The Merrion is in the beautiful Georgian district of the city, where there’s a fully appointed casino lurking in what looks like the residence of gentleman in a bowler hat. All the poker players of the world know the place, but the next-door neighbours possibly don’t even know what’s behind the brass knocker and letterbox. Vegas it ain’t.

The Merrion casino in the rain

As usual, we’ll have comprehensive coverage from all five floors of action. The cards are now in the air, so continue to check for the latest news. In the meantime, enjoy the sights of the city.

A bridge over the River Liffey. In the rain.

Molly Malone: the “tart with the cart”. And rain.

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