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I hibernate in January.

It’s a close run thing between August and January as to which month involves me doing the least.

I don’t really trust people who ‘hit the ground running’ in the New Year – I put them in the same bracket as people that go literally running at 6am. It’s ironic we do our ‘New Year’s resolutions’ in January as it’s the worst time to do new projects; the days are short, the weather is awful and we’ve just come out the holiday season.

Take it from me in future hibernate in January – do the minimum, eat comfort food and stay indoors a lot; the spring is where you want to be kicking butt.

In other news the Nottingham UKIPT is round the corner next week – I expect it will be huge; and I can’t wait. Apparently For those who don’t know we’re on Channel 4 this year. Wooooooo is the correct noise to make at this point. Tuesday’s at midnight – set your series link immediately. I’m ecstatic to be presenting a show on “4” (as the kids call it) but also thrilled for the coolest regional tour in poker history; should be lots of fun.


Nick Wealthall when he isn’t hibernating

Finally part of my January hibernation has been buying the complete box set of the West Wing. It’s brilliantly written (although every single character is super intelligent, witty and can guess what people are going to say before they’ve said it), fascinating, moving and amazing to watch. American TV has been killing our TV for years now.

Trying to decide whether Sopranos or West Wing is the pinnacle of man’s efforts to entertain on TV…this could take most of February.

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