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I am sure all of the Team Pro players got that question a lot: how do you start playing poker? Which game to choose, how much money to deposit, how to learn the strategies? Well, one thing I know for sure – it’s so, so, so much easier to get all that information now than when I was starting to play. Back then almost no one in Poland knew what No Limit Texas Hold’em is. That’s not even mentioning how difficult it was to find some people to play it with! We were extremely lucky when we were able to find four guys to play at some kitchen table. After some time, we found fanatics like us around the country so we were traveling for 300 miles every month or two just to play 20-30 people sit and go with $20 buy-in. How dedicated are you to succeed in poker?

Most of the people expect to invest exactly zero dollars and get to play the highest stakes maybe within a week, but better on the same day. Let me share a secret with you: it will not happen unless you are extremely lucky. What you need to understand first is the fact that poker is the same like with many other fields of life: there are no shortcuts, and there are no freebees. However, if you invest some time in the beginning, if you willing to work harder than most of your friends, then there are opportunities for you. In tennis, you need to be very talented and work even more for 10-15 years to just have a shot at playing on biggest tennis courts. In poker, you can become decent player within 6-12 months, and if you use the opportunities that online poker offers, you can even play in the biggest poker tournaments live and online soon after that. Will you win? I would say it’s unlikely in the beginning, but yes, it can happen.


In poker, the way to the top is much shorter than in other sports or career paths. But you still need to give something from you. If you do not want to invest dollars, then invest your time and work. A lot of it. Study the strategies from the best and be patient. Don’t try to win the world in one night. Most of the poker players do not work as hard as you, so after some time you will be simply more experienced and more skillful than them. And poker is a game of skill, so the better player WILL win.

So, how do you start? First, find the game that suits you the most. Cash game? Short-handed, full ring or heads-up? Multi-table tournaments? Regular, knockout, rebuy? Sit and go? Nine players, 180 players, regular or turbo? Hold’em or Omaha? If you not sure, try few of those and then try to specialize. Find the Team Online player who plays your games. He will probably stream on or do some training videos on PokerchoolOnline. Oh, and yes, it will be for free!

Search for poker forums and look for your game. Read the hand analysis of the other players, post your own hands if you are not sure if you played it right. Look for all the details that experienced in your game players talk about. Win rates, additional software, some tips and tricks. Learn from the best!

None of those options were available to me 12 years ago. And yet, I have became professional poker player. So what is the excuse for you today when you are surrounded by free expert content? You just need to put some effort to find it and then some work to master it.

For example, I have started YouYube channel for beginning players. In some short movies I explain everything that I have learned during my first years of playing poker. What are the characteristics of poker player, which game to choose, how to deal with tilt, how to use bankroll management, etc. It’s there for those who need that knowledge. Soon, I will start my Twitch channel where I will be showing how to get from the lowest buy-in games to low-medium stakes.

And that’s just me. Most of the Team Pro Online players do the same and more. We are all poker players who one day decided to do what you want to do now. And we are showing how we did it and how anyone can do it. It’s like free tennis lessons from Rafa Nadal. Why not use it? I would walk one thousand miles twelve years ago if I’d have heard of opportunity like that. And all you need to do is to turn on your computer.

I envy you so much!

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