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Today we’re announcing plans for a brand new tournament series starting next month.

It’s a series you’ll never have seen before, and it’s unlike any other series taking place this summer.

And not just because of the $50 million guarantee…

Or for the $2 million in added tickets…

Or for what it’s called: Stadium Series.

It’s a name which might seem a little odd given only a handful of people can gather in one place at the same time right now.

But online is set to be a different story.

It’ll be big. And if you’re ready to hear more, and maybe even be a part of it, read on for the details.

Stadium Series is coming to PokerStars next month

Stadium Series: The Details

So, what makes Stadium Series unlike anything else?

Before we get to the details, lets go over the more familiar things.

It’s a four week series: Nothing new there. It all starts on Sunday 5 July.

You can play at three buy-in tiers: Nothing new there, either. We’ve always run tournament series with three tiers so that players with any sized bankroll can take part, whether that’s low, medium or high.

There are two types of tournaments: Weekly heats played every day, and the Sunday Final at the weekend.

A Grand Final “Main Event”: All standard. It takes place on Sunday 2 August.

So far, so familiar.

But while there might be 102 Stadium series tournaments, they’re not scheduled like SCOOP or WCOOP events.

Here’s how it works instead…

What makes Stadium Series different?

Rather than a long schedule of events, like in SCOOP, the bulk of Stadium Series will be played as weekly heats.

These represent standalone tournaments, but with a chance to win your way into one of three tiers of weekly finals held each Sunday.

The buy-ins and guarantees for these will increase every week, all the way to the final weekend – the Grand Final, with a top tier buy in of $5,200 and $5 million guaranteed.

Here’s how things will look…

Here’s how the schedule of weekly and weekend events will look when Stadium Series starts on Sunday 5 July

And if you’re thinking that sounds a little on the expensive, you’d be right.

It’s why we’re adding a ton of value into the mix = $2 million to be exact.

That’ll be made up of ticket drops, giveaways, and fast track promotions to get you a seat for next to nothing.

Because while we’re taking a pass on things like exclusivity and prestige, our plan is to go big on getting as many people playing Stadium Series as we can.

Any player who wants to, regardless of experience, bankroll, or ambition. Everyone from the penny buy-in newbie, to the four-figure high roller.

Before we explain how, there’s another feature that we’re introducing for the first time.

One that in addition to a bumper payout, might also give you (at least) 15 minutes of fame.

Cards-up feature puts you in the spotlight

For the first time ever, we will be broadcasting final tables and deep stages of daily heats online with full cards-up coverage.

It’s the format you’ll be familiar with from the European Poker Tour and the PokerStars Players Championship.

Full coverage of final tables and the play leading up to them over the course of 23 days.

How Stadium Series will look on PokerStars. There’s $50m guaranteed over 4 weeks, with $2 million of added value

Everything will be shown on a short delay but with all the hands revealed (under strict integrity and security controls in place).

Which all sounds great. But you might be more interested in being one of those at the table, rather than those watching it.

In which case you’ll want to hear about the $2 million of added value we mentioned.

$2 million of added value

There are all sorts of ways to get hold of some of the added value.

First, we’re adding Sunday Finals tickets to the top positions in the Low and Medium tiers of the weekday heats for the duration of the series.

There will also be 81 Stadium Series Grand Final tickets, worth $5,200 each, reserved for anyone who reaches the final table of a Stadium Series weekly final.

And before Stadium Series even starts, we’ll be adding more than $500,000 worth of Heat tickets to our biggest daily tournaments in the run up.

Stadium Series tickets can get you a seat into the Grand Final on Sunday 2 August

And if any of those sound tough (let’s face it, reaching a final table is no easy feat) we’ve got your covered.

Stadium series Fast Track will award five seats to the Grand Final every day from today. That’s 170 seats in total from Daily Freerolls.

And that’s not everything.

For those who like to follow our streamers on Twitch (or who’d like to start), they’ll be hosting daily Twitch drops awarding something like $10K of tickets every day.

All you have to do is tune in.

You can win tickets simply by watching your favourite streamers.

Stadium Series starts Sunday 5 July

So to recap, Stadium Series starts next month, with $50 million guaranteed and $2 million of added value.

Each day you can compete in any of three tiers of Heats, working up to the Sunday Final.

Each weekend the buy in and guarantee for that final increases.

It culminates in a Grand Final on August 2, the fourth weekend, with a buy-in of $5,200 and $5 million guaranteed.

And you can watch it all, with cards up coverage, throughout the series.

There’s plenty to like about Stadium Series. What it lacks in precedent, it makes up for in prize money. What it lacks in prestige it makes up for in added value.

Stay tuned for the full Stadium Series schedule of weekday Heats and Sunday Finals, as well as information on how to get your seat to the Grand Final.

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