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8.22pm: Flaviano Cammisuli eliminated in 9th place (€16,390)
Flaviano Cammisuli moved all in for just over a million in chips from late position. Frederik Reusch got a count in the small blind then made the call.

Cammisuli: A9
Reusch: A10

The board came Q5JA3 and Reusch’s better kicker played. With the exit of the Italian in 9th place, the tournament is finished for today and the final will start tomorrow at 12.30pm CET. Stay tuned for a recap of the action.

8.17pm: Sikora wins a big pot from Zisimopoulos
Jaroslaw Sikora raised to 175,000 in late position and Georgios Zisimopoulos made it 405,000 in position. Sikora called to see a J59 flop which both players checked. The J turn saw Sikora check and Zisimopoulos bet 230,000 which Sikora called.

The river was the 5 and Sikora checked again, Zisimopoulos bet 555,000 and Sikora tanked for several minutes. Eventually the Polish player had the clock called on him, but after about 20 seconds he made the call. Zisimopoulos quickly mucked and Sikora now has over 7 million in chips – the clear leader.


The unofficial final table

8.08pm: Cammisuli in trouble
Flaviano Cammisuli is down to just a million in chips. The Italian opened to 160,000 from under-the-gun but ended up folding when Georgios Zisimopoulos made it 440,000 in the small blind. He’s the shortest stack.

8.01pm: Reusch’s double barrel fails
Frederik Reusch opened to 160,000 preflop and Jaroslaw Sikora defended in the big blind. The flop was 79K and Sikora check-called a bet of 180,000. The 6 came on the turn and Sikora check-called a second time, to the tune of 335,000. The river was the 2 and both players checked, Sikora showed K10 and Reusch quietly mucked.

7.45pm: Level 29 – 40,000/80,000 (10,000)
The players are back in their seats. One more player needs to be eliminated to make the final table.

7.25pm: Break time
Players are now on a 20-minute break.

7.10pm: Redraw
The players are now on one table. They will play to the end of this level (15 minutes) and then take a 20-minute break. After that, they will play until level 30 which is when the dinner break will be taken. This will happen unless the tournament loses a player and the official final table is reached.

Seat 1: Michael Bernhard Feil
Seat 2: Frederik Reusch
Seat 3: Nicolino di Carlo
Seat 4: Ezio Nisoli
Seat 5: Julian Track
Seat 6: Jaroslaw Sikora
Seat 7: Georgios Zisimopoulos
Seat 8: Georgi Abuladze
Seat 9: Flaviano Cammisuli

7.06pm: Bryan Paris eliminated in 10th place (€13,700)
Bryan Paris moved all in from the button for his last 580,000. Frederik Reusch made the call in the small blind.

Paris: 1010
Reusch: A7

The board came 3774K and Paris, who made the final table of Eureka4 Vienna, busted out in 10th place.

7.01pm: Mauro Tarantini eliminated in 11th place (€13,700)
Another huge flip saw an Italian leaving the tournament. Mauro Tarantini was all in for around 2.7 million against Jaroslaw Sikora.

Tarantini: JJ
Sikora: AK

The board came 88A910 and Sikora moved up to 6 million in chips.
6.54pm: Nisoli doubles once more
Ezio Nisoli has doubled up again, this time through Flaviano Cammisuli. Nisoli’s QQ held against Cammisuli’s 99 on a 7A336 board. Nisoli moved up to 2.5 million while Cammisuli dropped to 900,000.

6.42pm: Eshed Hadaya eliminated in 12th place (€12,300)
A short-stacked Eshed Hadaya moved in for his last 600,000 with Q7 but walked straight into Michael Feil’s AA with the board coming 7K61010.

6.35pm: Nandor Solyom eliminated in 13th place (€12,300)
Despite doubling with queens against Ezio Nisoli’s ace-nine, Nandor Solyom was soon given his marching orders.

Solyom was all in with AJ but couldn’t beat Georgi Abuladze’s 1010 on a 1086K4 board.


Nandor Solyom

6.27pm: 6 million to chop
Jaroslaw Sikora opened to 135,000 preflop before Georgios Zisimopoulos made it 355,000 on the button. Sikora four-bet to 760,000 and Zisimopoulos moved all in. Sikora looked pained, tanked for a few minutes then called.

Sikora: AQ
Zisimopoulos: AK

The board came 64875 and the two split the pot. Zisimoupoulos flung his cards into the muck, “Nice call.”

6.17pm: Level 28 – 30,000/60,000 (10,000)
The players will be going on a dinner break at the end of this level unless the tournament is reduced to nine players.

6.12pm: Taco de Goede eliminated in 14th place (€11,000)
Taco de Goede was all in preflop for his last 500,000 with QQ against Georgi Abuladze’s KJ. The 78A helped neither player but Abuladze moved into the lead on the K turn. No heart or queen came on the 5 river and de Goede busted in 14th place.

6.08pm: Nisoli doubles up
Ezio Nisoli just doubled to 2 million in chips. His JJ held against Georgi Abuladze’s A10 on a 2JK88 board.

6.01pm: Klevis Pali eliminated in 15th place (€11,000)
Klevin Pali was all in for his last 150,000 with Q8 against Bryan Paris’ A9. The board bricked out coming J62J6 and the Italian left the tournament. Just 14 players remain.

5.57pm: Dorin Rauta eliminated in 16th place (€9,700)
On a Q65 flop, Dorin Rauta moved all in and Michael Feil snap-called.

Rauta: 77
Feil: AA

The 4 gave Rauta a straight draw but the J on the river sent him home in 16th place.

5.53pm: Big double for di Carlo
Nicolino di Carlo opened to 105,000 preflop and then moved all in when compatriot Klevis Pali three-bet to 260,000. A quick call followed from his fellow Italian.

di Carlo: AQ
Pali: JJ

The board ran out 8Q775 and di Carlo moved up to 2.75 million while Pali was crippled with barely four big blinds.

5.44pm: JC Alvarado eliminated in 17th place (€9,700)
JC Alvarado moved all in for his last 500,000 and Mauro Tarantini made the call.

Alvarado: 22
Tarantini: 99

The board came KA3K10 and Alvarado’s elimination meant there was a redraw for two tables.


JC Alverado – 17th

5.39pm: De Goede triples; Feil nearly doubles
Huge triple up for Taco de Goede. He pushed for 235,000 preflop then Micael Feil reraised all in from the small blind for about a million in chips. Flaviano Cammisuli then called and there was a three-way all in.

De Goede: 109
Feil: 44
Cammisuli: AQ

The board ran out 82687 and de Goede tripled up. Feil had about 775,000 left after that and doubled to 1.5 million while Cammisuli dropped to just 580,000.

5.35pm: Michal Maryska eliminated in 18th place (€8,400)
Michal Maryska moved all in preflop for 420,000 and Klevis Pali called in the big blind.

Maryska: AQ
Pali: KJ

Maryska put on his coat, seemingly knowing the result before the J9498 board came down.

5.28pm: Igor D`Ursel eliminated in 19th place (€8,400)
Igor D’Ursel moved all in preflop and Klevis Pali made the call.

D’Ursel: J10
Pali: A7

The board came 829K4 and like the previous exit, somehow the short stack missed a multitude of outs. 18 players are left.


Igor D`Ursel

5.25pm: Benjamin Fourgerouze eliminated in 20th place (€8,400)
Georgi Abuladze opened to 105,000 from late position and Benjamin Fourgerouze moved all in for about 850,000. Abuladze got a count and then called.

Abuladze: A10
Fourgerouze: KJ

Somehow Fourgerouze missed on the 10Q452 board despite flopping a straight draw with overcards. Abuladze moved up to 3.3 million.

5.16pm: Chip counts

Georgios Zisimopoulos Greece PokerStars player 4,155,000
Julian Track Germany PokerStars qualifier 3,740,000
Jaroslaw Sikora Poland PokerStars player 3,250,000
Georgi Abuladze Estonia PokerStars qualifier 2,500,000
Mauro Tarantini Italy PokerStars qualifier 2,420,000
Frederik Reusch Germany PokerStars player 2,350,000
Eshed Hadaya Israel 1,790,000
Flaviano Cammisuli Italy 1,516,000
Klevis Pali Italy 1,320,000
Nicolino di Carlo Italy 1,255,000
Ezio Nisoli Italy 1,215,000
Nandor Solyom Romania 910,000
Benjamin Fourgerouze France 875,000
Dorin Rauta Romania 735,000
Igor D`Ursel Belgium 725,000
JC Alvarado Mexico PokerStars player 720,000
Bryan Paris USA PokerStars player 680,000
Michael Feil Germany PokerStars player 625,000
Michal Maryska Czech Republic PokerStars player 620,000
Taco de Goede Netherlands PokerStars player 390,000

5.11pm: Level 27 – 25,000/50,000 (5,000)
Just 20 players remain in IPT Malta. The current chip leader is Georgios Zisimopoulos with 4,165,000.


Frederik Reusch, currently in sixth place

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