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Poker and chess are two games which seem to attract the same kind of minds. Take Jen Shahade for example; she’s a two-time United States Women’s Champion and has the FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster in chess, before taking up poker more seriously and becoming a PokerStars Mind Sport Ambassador.

For her Platinum Pass Adventure giveaway, she was looking for someone who not only had a passion for both poker and chess, but could also use that brain of theirs to create a brand new game which combined the two.

The #MyChessPokerGame competition came to an end last night live on Twitch, with Shahade, Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree, and host Danny Rensch.

Here’s a clip of your winner, Warren Sheaves, being announced:

Negreanu and Boeree battled it out on the chess board during the stream, with Boeree ultimately winning.

“I was so impressed by Liv Boeree and Daniel Negreanu during the PokerStars Play Chess stream,” said Shahade. “Liv “Magnus” Boeree was incredibly sharp and quick and had a clear enthusiasm for the royal game, claiming it as her current “addiction” It showed as she was unbeatable on the stream. Meanwhile Daniel showed strategic sense of a much more experienced player, playing one of my favorite moves of the match, a slow looking rook move that was the start of a devastating plan.

“It was thrilling to go over the #MyChessPokerGame finalists one by one, till we crowned our winner Warren Sheaves,” she added. “Host Danny Rensch, Liv and Daniel all had such kind and insightful things to say about the various contestants, and it was meaningful to me that so much positive energy and ideas were spread through this competition. We even played one of the games on the stream- Blunder Chess by Alexandra Botez.

“Thanks also to our incredible panel of judges, which also included Frank Lantz of the NYU Game Center, Mike Le Grand of Code-In-The-Schools and my brother Greg. Can’t wait to play Chess Draw in the Bahamas!”

You can check out the rules of ‘Chess Draw’ here.

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