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I still vividly remember my very first summer with online poker in 2006. I had just got out of hospital healthy and hungry for life, got back into studies for university and reconnected with my friends in the Magic: the Gathering peer group. Their huge success in fixed limit hold’em back in the days got me motivated play myself, but I proceeded to blow my first 100 bucks at the $0.50/$1 tables. I quickly realized that what I needed to succeed were bankroll management, strategy, discipline, and a dream! I swore to myself the day I blew my first deposit I would not let this happen again, and I would grind my next $50 deposit up to a solid mid-stakes bankroll.

Besides studying and improving in poker I also started to enjoy watching poker shows on TV and on YouTube. My favorite shows at that time were the episodes from previous WSOP Main Events as they had such a unique feel to them: poker was presented more like a sport, the big names and characters on the show were always good for some fun stories and big emotions, while last but not least there was this Vegas feeling…and there was my dream. And there I was grinding it out at my little $0.05/$0.10 fixed limit tables, sweating in the summer heat of my little student apartment under the roof, dreaming of going to Vegas one day with the bankroll to play the Main Event and be part of that hype.

Fast forward nine years to the summer of 2015, and I am finally on the road to my very first WSOP Main Event experience. I have been consistently building my bankroll throughout the years, and after turning professional in 2008 I already started to eyeball playing in the Main Event pretty much every summer. But for some reason I always thought I wasn’t ready yet, either because I felt my bankroll didn’t have enough of a cushion or I didn’t feel ready to compete. I did travel to Vegas every year from 2009 on, and I played a couple smaller events, but I never made it to the Main…until now.


My life is much more settled now, and I have accomplished many of my goals as a poker player. Yet I haven’t made that Main Event dream of mine come true, so it’s time to change this!

I have already started to prepare for my big Vegas Main Event summer, and you can follow my journey on YouTube if you like. I am going to be giving away 1% of my Main Event action to a lucky follower shortly before leaving for Vegas on June 30th, so make sure to stay up-to-date on my social media where I will be announcing on how to participate (YouTube: teampsxflixx, Twitter: @xflixx)!

I already released two video blog segments on my preparations, and I plan on recording more of them as the dream is getting closer. After nine years of playing poker, all I can say for now is it feels great to be that kid with a dream again!


Felix Schneiders is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online

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