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When Konstantin “iDom1n8” Trenkov played the SCOOP 75-M, he had an unshakeable belief – not necessarily that he could win – but that he knew he couldn’t lose. Dropping out of the tournament was simply never an option.

30 year old Konstantin Trenkov is originally from Bulgaria, and now lives in a quiet mountain region of Germany. Spiritual traditions have always been a part of his life, and it’s this spiritual work, and emphasis on mental and physical health, that Trenkov believes led directly to his success.

Whether you agree with the general philosophy or not, he must have been doing something right. Trenkov won the 75-M: $55 PKO Turbo event for a total of $30,842 (including $10k bounties).

And unlike many of the pros we speak to, who plug hundreds of hours into the SCOOP competition in pursuit of a title, Trenkov achieved his success without a bankroll, entering just one tourney and pushing it all the way to first place.

Trenkov’s poker journey started 10 years ago. “I stopped, interrupted and continued again. I didn’t take it seriously and most of the time I approached the game superficially… I have a brother who makes a living from online poker. His success motivated me to try to achieve something myself. I said to myself, if he can, so can I.”

Now he only tends to play the occasional major tournament or event like SCOOP or WCOOP. And the 75-M went quite well for Trenkov, after an initial bump in the road.

“It started a bit confusing. I had lost a third of my stack in the first moments. I continued patiently. During the tournament I won various spots. I can’t deny the presence of a dose of luck, but in most cases they were standard situations.”

“With 10 players remaining, I only had 8-9 blinds and I was last place in stacks. I waited for my moments and things worked out… It was an extraordinary experience!”, says Trenkov.

The key to his success may have been in his ability to keep his mind focused on the win. “I didn’t think about money, I just wanted to win the game, win more chips. Not for a moment did I think that I could drop out of the tournament”, says Trenkov.

“I realize how important the effort is to do poker training. Some people learn in practice and some in theory. For me, it is more practice, and I learn the theory on the go. In general, the practice, the games, they taught me and shaped me as a player.”

“Outside of poker, I deal with spirituality, spiritual growth, mental and physical health. I think that’s the main factor that contributed to my victory in this SCOOP”, says Trenkov.

When it comes to ambitions, Trenkov says he wants to achieve “success in the slow tournaments, great success in the Sunday Million or another High Rollers. That will be my next target.”

Honoring the spiritual beliefs that he attributes to the win, Trenkov leaves us with this: “In general for life, I would say one should find the balance between spiritual and material. We are spiritual beings… we must learn how we can free ourselves from matter and achieve Connection with God. That’s the purpose of our lives.”

Congratulations Konstantin “iDom1n8” Trenkov on your win in SCOOP 75-M.

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