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Updates for the LAPT San Jose Event Level 13 will be posted here. Hit refresh to see the latest content. Blinds are 1,200/2,400/200. For chip counts, see the LAPT Chip Counts page. For updates from Level 12, click HERE.


3:55pm–Woodcock begins the long climb back up

Ever since surrendering the chip lead to Brent Sheirbon, the going has been tougher for Robert Woodcock. With a depleted stack, he has found that opponents are more willing to play back at him. But Woodcock hasn’t shied away from the challenge. He recently took down a sizable pot against his nemesis, Sheirbon. The two were in the blinds and took a raised flop of 10d-7s-6c. Sheirbon bet 9,000 and Woodcock called. Both players checked the 5h turn. When the river came 5c, Woodcock made a confident bet of 30,000. Sheirbon thought it over, then threw six blue chips in for a call. His red eights were no good against Woodcock’s Kh-10s.

3:45pm–Fleet-footed and gone

Jon Van Fleet is no more. His pockets sixes got in against pocket kinds pre-flop. A king on the flop didn’t seal it. Van Fleet could’ve gone runner-runner for the straight. Instead he tried to go the perfect-perfect route, turning the six for his own set, but missing the river. He exits in 17th place, earning $9,770.


Jon Van Fleet

3:32pm–Say hello to your new chip leader

Robert Woodcock was the overnight chip leader and has done well today to retain that title, with players like Ryan Fee and Brent Sheirbon nipping close at his heels. It seemed inevitable that sparks were going to fly when Sheirbon and Woodcock drew the same table after the first redraw, and they finally did. The two big stacks got into a preflop raising war that ended with over 100,000 chips in the pot. Sheirbon made a relatively tiny bet of 12,000 on a flop of Kc-5c-Jc. Woodcock came over the top of that bet with a raise to 37,000; Sheirbon responded with an insta-shove. Woodcock tanked for a long time before reluctantly folding his hand.

The result? Sheirbon now has about 400,000 chips. In other developments, with 17 players remaining, we’re hand-for-hand again. The second redraw will occur after the next elimination.

3:28pm–Clemmensen drowns, Gill continues breathing

It was an all-in pre-flop battle between Carter Gill’s A-Q and Martin Clemmensen’s A-7. Both flopped pairs for their kicker, but Clemmensen could do no better and exited in 18th place for $9,770. caught up with Gill at the last break:

3:20pm–Mark Hirleman eliminated

Cries of “Hold one time!” brought us running over to Table 3, where Mark Hirleman was all in with ace-ten against Ryan Fee’s ace-king. Hirleman had outflopped Fee with a Q-10-4 flop and needed to dodge any king and any jack. It sounds so easy — no king, no jack. In practice, it seems not to happen as frequently as the numbers dictate. A jack promptly fell on the turn to make a Broadway straight for Fee and send Hirleman to the rail to collect his $9,770 in prize money.


Mark Hirleman heads for the payouts table.

3:15pm–Mike Gorodinsky on the rail

Joel Micka’s button raise could’ve been a blind-steal. As far as Mike Gorodinksy was concerned, it should’ve been. So, when Gorodinsky picked up Ad-Jc in the small blind, it seemed like a good time to shovel it in. Unfortunately for him, Micka was in the middle of a back-to-back-to-back A-K pick-ups. The board bricked out for Gorodinksy and he is out in 20th place.


Joel Micka, Mr. Big Slick

3:05pm–Aaron Kielesinski eliminated

PokerStars qualifier Aaron Kielesinski’s inspired run has come at LAPT San Jose to an end. He opened for 7,000 chips, then felt obligated to call for his remaining stack (roughly 20,000 more) when Joel Micka shoved all in from the big blind. Kielesinski had a slight edge with pocket nines against Micka’s Big Slick, but lost the hand when a king hit the flop and a nine was nowhere to be found.

Kielesinski qualified for this tournament through online satellites for only $7. He takes home $9,770. That’s a pretty good rate of return.

Aaron Kielesinski

3:00pm–Chip counts updated

Chip counts from the beginning of this level have been added to the LAPT Chip Counts page.

2:50pm–Quads send Maurice Millares Molina to rail

Sean Patrick Ryan pushed all in from the button and Maurice Millares Molina called from the big blind with Qc-Td. Ryan held pocket nines. He flopped another nine and turned another one, making the straight Molina made on the river just a cruel little joke. Molina earns $9,770 for his 22nd place finish.

2:49pm–Petronack spikes his card

Deflated elation is a phrase that best captures the feelings of a player who loses with a big pair against a small pair. That’s Maurice Molina’s lot in Level 13. He raised to 10,000 preflop. Action folded to the small blind, Jeff Petronack, who shoved for 46,400. Molina snap-called with pocket queens and was in great shape against Petronack’s pocket nines — until the flop brought a nine. Petronack’s set held to double him up to almost 100,000.

2:46pm–Frazee not crazy, just unlucky

It’s a flop of 2-2-3 in which Jason Frazee has called Brent Sheirbon’s raise from the big blind. After a lead out and raise, Frazee pushed all in. “Did you look before you called?” Sheirbon asked. And then he called, flipping over his pocket queens. He shook his head when he saw Frazee’s A-2. The six on the river had Sheribon counting out his chips. The river…a queen…a two outer turned the tables on Frazee. He’s on in 23rd place for $9,770.

2:40pm–Play resumes

Cards are back in the air. 23 players remain, with blinds of 1,200 / 2,400 / 200.

2:35pm–Color-up continues

While the color-up is finished, check out what has been up to during the first two levels of play today:

Watch LAPT San Jose 08: Day 2 Intro on

2:25pm–Break time

Players are on break during the color up. We will return with coverage and a new chip count soon.

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