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While a light fog rolled over the flat expanses of the south-west tip of Uruguay this morning, planes crowded with poker players descended into Montevideo’s Carrasco airport, befuddling customs officers with their quantity and their purpose.

That purpose is singular; every player vying for the same crown, to win the LAPT Uruguay Grand Final, hosted by the verdant Mantra Resort Spa and Casino.

In La Barra, locality of Punta del Este, the stage is set, the lights are poised, and the tables are aligned for a spectacular finish to this tour’s sixth season. Jugadores are migrating, moths to the flame of a huge prize pool, exotic location, and PokerStars glory.

Contenders from poker-crazed countries like Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Chile will be represented tomorrow, but so will Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Guatemala.

Two-time LAPT Champion Nacho Barbero, one of many Argentinians crossing the Rio de la Plata

Those aren’t the farthest afield origins. A few qualifiers on PokerStars sport distant locations like Norway, Russia, Romania, Lithuania, and New Zealand. Whether devin12, location Thailand, has made the pilgrimage will be a finer point of interest tomorrow.

“El LAPT es mi segunda familia,” says David Carrión, LAPT President, on a welcoming poster.

This is no lip service. In the afternoon before the main event, players and staff comingle as if long lost friends. Some of them are, actually, events like this their opportunity to reconnect.

The Mantra is a comprehensive resort with hotel, spa, and restaurant on premises. The last tasked with feeding perhaps four hundred and fifty players on day one. That’s the mark organizers are aiming for.. It would make for the largest number of runners at a LAPT with a buy-in of $2,500 USD. LAPT Uruguay, of season four, garnered 422 runners.

The Mantra Resort

Investigative journalism confirms the buffet as gourmet, the pizza recommended, the desserts delectable, and the service gracious. A chef named William tends to a large asado-style grill and something tells us that he’s not a man who is afraid to throw some meat onto the grill if confronted by frenzied chip-shufflers set loose on dinner break.

Satellites are running upstairs and re-entries will be allowed for the first four levels subsequent to tomorrow’s noon local start. Between these tributaries and the over two hundred online qualifiers, four hundred and twenty-two is certainly in reach.

Uruguay is the Switzerland of South America, its south-east peninsula the most luxuriant quadrant. This is a place for some relaxing indulgence. To shop seaside, loll beachside, and ingest some dulce de leche flavoured ice cream.

That’s the sweet stuff here. Players whose poker day ends before the tournament clock stops won’t be wanting for much. If anything one would expect the opposite, returning runners lured come nightfall, with promises of cerveza in the singular.

Tomorrow is the first and only day one in this championship, every tree to be felled in sight of the eventual hewman.

When the last card falls the purpose all players once shared will be actualized alone.

But all will likely leave savouring Uruguay. Its unique vibe has a knack for marking people indelibly.

Sunset over Punta del Este

Over the next five days we look forward to serving you a taste of why that is, along with all the colour, context, and action, on this jewel on the coast of South America.

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