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The Red Spade Brigade – Team PokerStars – continues to have its way with the late stages of LAPT6 Brazil. All three remaining Team Pros are leading the tournament. Sitting at the feature table right now are chip leader Leo Fernandez (2,010,000) and Andre Akkari (1,785,000). Jose “Nacho” Barbero started the day on the feature table as well, leading to an hour where all three shared the same table, but was recently broken to the outer table, where he is the table chip leader with 1,500,000.



Fernandez hasn’t been shy about applying pressure, even when he’s out of position. On the turn of a recent hand, Fernandez bet 200,000 into a pot of about 250,000. His opponent, the PCA10 Mini Main Event winner Affif Prado, stared at the 4A108 board for two minutes before calling the bet. On the river Q, Fernandez moved all in. To call the bet, Prado would have to risk all 385,000 of his chips.

Prado tanked, and he tanked, and he tanked some more. After four minutes a player at the table requested a clock. A floor supervisor came and counted Prado down all the way to zero, clock-folding his hand. Prado took one more peek at his cards, reluctant to let them go, but he did pitch them into the muck.


Fernandez is the latest Team Pro to grab the chip lead

With only 385,000 left, Prado needed to make some strong moves. He open-shoved with pocket deuces and walked right into Victor Sbrissa’s pocket queens. Sbrissa had fewer chips than Prado, so when the queens held Prado was not eliminated. He was crippled though, all the way down to about 70,000 in chips. Two hands later it was his turn to pay the 30,000-chip big blind. That hand swallowed Prado and spit him back up on the rail in 14th place.

Akkari has shown some skill at playing out of position as well. He opened a pot to 50,000 pre-flop and was called by our lone European, Michal Polchlopek. Both players checked the 42J flop. On the 9 turn, Akkari fired a bet of 75,000. Polchlopek’s raise to 200,000 couldn’t shake Akkari. He called and checked the 5 river. Polchlopek, perhaps sensing he wouldn’t be able to shake Akkari, gave up and checked behind. His busted draw, Q10, couldn’t match up to Akkari’s top pair, J7.

13 players remain. The chip bags will be brought out after another five eliminations. The Team PokerStars Pros are in control right now, with each one having held the chip lead today, but finding those last five Day 3 eliminations is going to take a few more hours. It’s not impossible that all of the Team Pros might bust out in that time, depriving tomorrow’s final table of any Red Spades.

On the LAPT, anything can – and usually does – happen.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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