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Payouts have reached $2,740 now, enough for those people who are in for more than one bullet to recoup their investment (perhaps) and purchase a smartphone. It’s not life-changing money yet – that part doesn’t come until Sunday night. Still, with eight tables remaining, players are starting to get the slightest taste of making Sunday’s final table, like a hint of oak that comes through in the aftertaste of a good burgundy.

The big-pot, bustout-avoiding eliminations have increased their volume to match.

Up at the front of the room, the board showed 289K. The pot went to the river card, an offsuit jack. A bet, a shove, a snap-call. And then the shout, as loud as any we’ve heard in Chile this week.


The 4-seat rivered the very unlikely nuts with Q10. To make matters worse, he ran down the 1-seat’s set of deuces. It’s the kind of hand that makes even veteran tournament reporters (who feel like they’ve seen it all) shudder the slightest bit.

Former chip leader Norson Saho isn’t immune from the suckouts. Holding pocket aces ,he snap-called a shove from a player with 100,000 on a queen-high flop. While that player didn’t verbally celebrate when a second queen fell on the river (he actually apologized to Saho), Saho smacked his hand on the table and shouted what I’m guessing wasn’t Portuguese for “Have a nice day”.

That’s the trouble with having a passing understanding of Spanish and none of Portuguese. You can never be sure whether a guy’s cursing your mother or complimenting her cooking. At least with the talkative Americans and Aussies, I always know where things stand.


“It helps me pass the time as a short stack so I don’t get too crazy.” – Team PokerStars Pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero, who’s currently playing five games of Open-Face Chinese on his smartphone. After a recent double-up to 160,000 with KJ against AQ, Barbero may have to scale back.


OFC wizard


“What day does this tournament end?” – Zack Koerper, who is hanging on admirably despite an unfortunate table draw at the start of Day 2.


The guys at Codigo Poker tried to recruit everyone they could for an LAPT “Harlem Shake” video. Coming soon to a video-sharing site near you, I’d imagine.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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