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When Leonardo Olivaros Ponce woke up this morning, he was in 21st chip position out of 31 players. His stack of 386,000 was about 7 big blinds short of the 31 big-blind average that would begin Level 21. It’s a tricky stack size – too tall to open-shove, too short to get extremely creative. Ponce may have thought that his best plan would be to bide his time and carefully pick his spots.

25 minutes into the day, Ponce had more than 1 million in chips. Who needs to bide time with aces against jacks on a 9-high flop?

So it was for Ponce, who received a full double-up courtesy of German Rodolfo Ortolan. Ortolan was unlucky enough to hold the aforementioned jacks on said 9-high flop. He had only 11,000 more chips than Ponce, a stack that was probably too short to allow him to find a fold if he even could have.

Ortolan was all in from the small blind on the next hand. Ponce opened under the gun to 40,000, then called a shove by Aquiles Espinoza for 190,000. Espinoza showed AQ, Ponce now had the jacks, and Ortolan had the decided underdog with 75. Roll out a 10-high board, send two players to the payouts table, and bump Ponce up into the seven-figure club.

Easy game.


After the double elimination of Espinoza and Ortolan, Ponce became the new chip leader of Table 4. The table was also short-handed, leading tournament staff to break a player from one of the other tables. That player wound up being Ariel Celestino, who brought a bigger stack than Ponce’s to Table 4.


The new sheriff


Players are jumping out of their seats at Table 4. In addition to Espinoza and Ortolan, Pablo Contreras Bustos and Felipe Echeverria have been knocked out of the tournament. All four men started the day on Table 4.


One of the casino security guards is walking through the tables with a velvet rope in his hand, folded in half as if he’ll whip anyone who dares to get out of line.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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