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At the top of the day I noted that I’d never lightly bet against Tournament Director Mike Ward when it comes to matters of scheduling and pacing of multi-day poker tournaments. Mike’s an old hand at this sort of thing. If he thought we’d get to 24 by the end of the day, that was good enough for me.

Five levels into the day, it’s looking like Mike might know a thing or two of which he speaks. The starting Day 2 field of 247 has been trimmed down to 86 players spread across 11 tables. The tournament is inexorably collapsing towards the center of the room today, where a feature streaming table and the Main Event champion’s trophy both await.


Poker tournaments aren’t exactly linear beasts, but at the current rate of elimination, the tournament should definitely be under 30 players by the end of Level 20 tonight, the last scheduled level for the day. With a blitzkrieg like we had as the money bubble approached, the tournament will have no problem reaching 24 players before the chip bags are brought out.


Rodrigo Quezada was the biggest stack in the room at the start of Day 2 – but he couldn’t navigate through the Table of Doom. Playing with similarly big-stacked Norson Saho on is left all day, Quezada never got much above the 226,000 in chips that he started with. On his final hand, Quezada and Saho went to the river of a 3A448 board. The pot was massive; Quezada had only 40,000 left behind. He put that in the pot after a check from Saho. Saho called with AK to send Quezada (who never showed) off to the payouts table.




Saho is up to about 400,000 now. He joins fellow Brazilian Rodrigo Seiji (470,000) and Luis Jaikel (450,000) as the top stacks in the room with fewer than 90 players left in the tournament.


Yesterday we put a brief spotlight on Ariel Celestino. Celestino is still happily grinding his way through the field. He recently got some value out of a full house by making a bet of 16,500 on the river that his opponent called. By dragging that pot, Celestino climbed to about 160,000 in chips, slightly below the chip average.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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