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Sebastian Miranda started the day with 1.5 million in chips, a bit less than the final table average of 1.96 million. That stack put him in 5th place out of the 8 remaining players and comfortably ahead of the 8th-place player, Leonardo Martins (440,000).

That wasn’t enough to save Miranda from the Nacho Barbero buzzsaw.

During the second orbit of play, Fernando Gordo opened from the cutoff to 130,000, the first raise he attempted at the final table. Barbero had the button and quickly cut out a re-raise to 275,000. The action passed to Miranda in the small blind. Like Gordo, he had not been especially active in the first 25 minutes of play. That didn’t stop him from cold four-betting all in for 1.25 million.

Gordo flipped his cards into the muck without much consideration. Nacho flipped his cards over and called with even less consideration. He had picked up pocket queens and was the favorite against Miranda’s AK. A ten-high board, 451062, sent Miranda to the payouts table as the first casualty of the day.

Martins, by the way, doubled up early when his A10 out-flipped Barbero’s pocket 6s. After Miranda was eliminated, Martins jokingly asked, “Nacho, am I the only one who’s ever won a flip against you?” It was a direct reference to the fact that Nacho has been hotter than the sun the last few days.

Nacho didn’t miss a beat. “I’ve lost lots of flips,” he replied. “I let other people win the small ones. But the big ones…”

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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