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The midnight hour is approaching here in São Paulo. But the bell has already tolled, so to speak, for four more players, the latest to be eliminated from the Latin American Poker Tour Grand Final. Just 10 remain now, meaning after two more knockouts they’ll be stopping for the night as eight-handed final table will have been established.

After leading some of the day yesterday, Maximiliano Gallardo’s Grand Final run has ended in 14th (R$43,240).

The Argentinian’s last hand started with him opening with a just-over-2x raise to 87,000 from under the gun, gettin one caller in the Chilean Andrés Herrera playing from the cutoff seat.

The pair watched a flop come K85, prompting an all-in shove from Gallardo that Herrera called. They showed their hands — A10 (flush draw and an over) for Gallardo, and AK (top pair, top kicker) for Herrera. The turn was the K and river the Q, and Gallardo was gone.

Grand Finale-LAPT-BSOP-MILLION-2015-9497.jpg

Maximiliano Gallardo
Just minutes later Felipe Difini — short-stacked after losing that big flip with Carlos Alves — watched Bruno Kawauti open-shove his own short stack of about 250,000, then called all in himself with his last 150,000. Difini’s A9 was ahead of Kuwauti’s 109, but the flop came an eye-popping JKQ, earning an audible response from the table at the site of Kawauti’s flopped straight.

The turn was the 4 and river the 5, and Difini was done in 13th (R$49,260).

Grand Finale-LAPT-BSOP-MILLION-2015-9451.jpg

Felipe Difini
With 12 players left there were only Brazilians and two players from Chile remaining. But soon one of the Chileans was knocked out.

After Ricardo Chauriye (of Chile) raised from middle position, Luis Gustavo Camargo (also of Chile) reraise-pushed all in from the cutoff with his last 360,000. Andrés Herrera called the shove from the button and Chauriye stepped aside.

Both players had drawn an ace, but Herrera’s A9 gave him a better kicker than Camargo’s A6. The cards came J35, then 8, then K, knocking out Camargo in 12th (R$49,260).

Grand Finale-LAPT-BSOP-MILLION-2015-9457.jpg

Luis Gustavo Camargo
Just a couple of minutes after that William Melo lost most of his stack to Alexandre Rivero in a preflop all-in that saw Rivero’s AQ hold against Melo’s AJ.

Soon after that Melo open-raised his short stack all in from UTG, and when Yuri Martins signaled he was reraising from the small blind the big blind stepped aside. Melo had J9 and Martins AK. The JAK flop gave Melo one pair but Martins two, and when the latter’s hand held through the turn and river, Melo was out in 11th ($R58,790).

Play moves on into Level 27, with Martins still the big chip leader.

Photography from LAPT8 Brazil by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

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