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Space travel, sliced bread, self-driving cars and online poker are all astonishing feats of technology once thought to be impossible.

Before, multi-tabling was the rudimentary practice of running from one tournament table to the next before your hand was automatically folded.

It’s an inefficient way to play live poker and often happened by mistake.

Online poker changed that inefficient practice. Then PokerStars Mobile perfected it.


Players can now easily multi-table online and live poker, playing several hands of online poker while they wait for their next one at the table.

Before, in the archaic days before Pokertars mobile, a few players tried to do this by lugging their laptops to the table.

Those were barbaric times.

Playing poker while you’re playing has now become commonplace, especially today.

Aside from being day 2 of LAPT8 Panama –a holiday not yet recognized by the Panamanian government– today is also start of the 2015 SCOOP.

This, of course, has not gone unnoticed at the LAPT and players aren’t going to wait until they bust to take part in one of the biggest online poker festivals.


Even a dominant chip lead didn’t stop Shakeeb Kazemipur from getting in on some SCOOP action. Kazemipur was playing the SCOOP early in the day but has since been eliminated and is now focusing on his physical chips here in Panama.


Kazemipur’s stack, finger and phone
Kazemipur is still near the top of the leaderboard with 260,000 but Andres Herrera has taken poll position with about 280,000.

One player with the opposite live/online multi-tabling result is Carter Gill.

Gill was multi-tabling SCOOP events at his table with one of the fancy folding tablet computers and a mouse.

Gill has since been eliminated from LAPT8 Panama but he’s alive in three different SCOOP events.

LAPT-PANAMA2015-7020 (1).jpg

Carter Gill and his fancy folding computer
In SCOOP 02-M ($215 NLHE 6-Max), Gill is in the top 10 chip counts with about 800 players left.

While it’s too late to join LAPT8 Panama, there’s still weeks of SCOOP action to get in on. The SCOOP also features three buy-in levels for every event to satisfy any bankroll.

Check out the SCOOP homepage for a list of events and qualifiers to each one.

For multilingual coverage, check out our Spanish PokerStars Blog and our Brazilian PokerStars Blog. If you’re more of a watcher, head over to LAPT Live to check out the live stream. Updates are also available on the LAPT Facebook page.

All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.

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