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In yesterday’s Day 1B recap, Jack Stanton mentioned Oscar-nominated film The Revenant, in which Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is left for dead and then comes back from the dead to get revenge. We don’t want to completely piggy back off of that post but coming back from the dead was a recurring theme throughout today’s Day 2 session.

24 hours ago it was players that busted out of the first starting flight and found the bag in the second. But tonight, it was players that barely bagged over a starting stack that then went on to lead this LAPT9 Chile Main Event into it’s penultimate day.

Ricardo Matamala-LAPTVi├▒a9s-7646.jpg

Ricardo Andrew Matamala leads into Day 3
Chip leader Ricardo Andres Matamala was more or less overshadowed by bigger names over the last few levels. The Chilean will overshadow everyone overnight though; he won a massive pot at the death, flopping a set and getting three streets of value, to shoot to the top of the leaderboard. He’ll return with 811,000, a nearly ten-times improvement from his Day 2 starting stack.

There isn’t much of a separation at the top of the leaderboard though, as Matamala will have two players hot on his tail tomorrow. Alex Vega put 719,000 in the bag and Jorge Luis Teodoulou will return with just over 740,000. They round out the top three and will all return attempting to make the biggest tournament scores of their career.

The biggest of those dead gainers was Richard Dubini, as the Argentine came back for today’s restart with just over 27,000. After his starting table broke, he was moved to one of the more difficult tables in the room and while his stack yo-yo’d during the first few levels, after dinner it stayed in a steady upward trend.

Richard Dubini-LAPTVi├▒a9s-7647.jpg

Richard Dubini came back from the dead during Day 2
He finished the night with 634,000 and while that gives him a top-five stack for tomorrow’s Day 3 session, the headlining act of today was Fabian Ortiz. The two-time LAPT champion, who won his first title here in Vina del Mar in 2009, came back for Day 2 with just over two starting stacks. After the dinner break, Ortiz might have been outdone by his countryman on the end of day scoreboard but he’ll try to have Chilean lightning strike twice tomorrow. Ortiz will return in a decent position to make his fifth career LAPT final table and, perhaps, even claim a record breaking third title. It won’t be easy for him though, as the remaining field is full of some very experienced and competent players, working a wide range of chip stacks.

Bruno Foster-LAPTVi├▒a9s-7624.jpg

Bruno Politano leads the Brazilian charge
Bruno Politano is one of those players, with final table experience on poker’s biggest stage. The 2014 ‘November Niner’ wasn’t exactly a dead man walking coming into Day 2, as he returned with a workable 70,000 and after a very steady session, he’ll return for Day 3 with 646,000. That leads a strong Brazilian contingent, one that includes Rodrigo Strong, pun intended, and Roberly Fericio. Each of those players controlled the chip lead at some point today and will certainly contend tomorrow.

Alejandro Rodriguez fits both of the above criteria. He’s another player that might have been considered dead after a less than newsworthy Day 1B flight left him with just under 30,000. But he has the past experience to contend no matter where he is on the leaderboard. He worked that short stack for a few levels today but then played some of the more bizarre hands we saw, doing a majority of his damage bluffing with complete air in some sizable pre-dinner pots. Eliminated player Felipe Baraky might wake up seeing some of those five-high, 0% equity holdings in his sleep but Rodriguez seemed to click the right buttons all day long, ending the night with 426,000.

Alex Vega-LAPTVi├▒a9s-7599.jpg

Alex Vega finished with a top-three stack
Some big-name players made the money but weren’t able to finish, as Andrius Bielskis and Eder Murata bowed out in 53rd and 54th, respectively, as well as Bruno Kuwaiti in 71st. They were able to lock up LAPT cashes but some of the bigger names could not. Mario Lopez, our other two-time winner, hit the rail midway through Level 14. Russia’s Irina Petrova failed to last that long and Chile’s own Daniela Horno also failed to make the money. In the end, 79 players cashed and 32 of them bagged up for tomorrow’s Day 3 restart, where they’ll all be looking towards the top of the payout structure as they’re still alive for a massive score and an LAPT victory.

Tomorrow’s Day 3 session will play down to a final table of eight and the PokerStars blog will be here to follow all the action, starting at 12pm. Until then, catch up on all the Day 2 action you may have missed here and reference the outstanding LAPT9 Chile Main Event payouts on the right hand side of the page. For a complete list of surviving players, the links on the right will lead you in the right direction.

It should be noted that because we didn’t get to 32 players until Level 20 was finished, tomorrow’s restart will open with 60 minutes on the clock in Level 21.

Photos by Carlos Monti.

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