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Here you’ll find PokerStars release notes for the latest software update (as of Tuesday 2 March).

Grand Tour/La Course

  • Desktop – Added a nudge and a tooltip on the tab in the main lobby. This makes it easier to see the number of games players have in progress.

Nudge tool tip shows games in progress.

  • Desktop – Removed short version of Real Money prize to display the full value in the lobby widgets.
  • Desktop – Spring is around the corner, so the lobby theme has been changed to celebrate the change of season.
  • Previously the fireworks upon eliminations weren’t displayed to observers. Now everyone can see them.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing performance issue for players using Macs with more than 4 tables open.
  • Increased new minimum size of tables. To keep using the old one, players should tick the options in Settings > Gameplay > Multi-Tabling.
  • Improved the position of a player’s bounty value. It had been displayed behind the chips when players bet certain amounts. The bounty value now moves to another location to prevent it overlapping.

Position of bounty amount moves to remain visible

  • Adjusted the colour of chips to reduce confusion with some value amounts.

Changes to the colours of chip denominations

  • Added a new setting for ‘Showing Stack Values in BB’ for observed tables. Players will be able to display own tables and observed tables with different BB/chips configurations.

Big blinds shown on observed tables

  • Increased the size of tooltips at the table to improve readability.
  • Updated the left-click hold and release function. It now only performs the action when the user releases the click.
  • Messages that can’t be sent to chat because of all-in situation are not discarded anymore. Instead they are kept in the text field until the hand is over. At which point the player can send them.
  • Improved chat behaviour – Previously the chat kept jumping to the newest message making it harder to read any messages posted earlier. The chat jump to the newest message does not happen anymore.
  • Improved scroll speed in chat. It’s now quicker.
  • Added support for the chat box in Spin & Go Max replayer. Chat, Hands, Notes, Stats, and information are now included.
  • Draw Games – Added discard functionality for players who were sitting out but return before the discard period ends.

UX/UI Improvements

  • Active Waiting List – Improved the user journey when a player leaves a waiting table by merging two confirmation pop-ups into one.
  • Desktop – When players disconnect, they are unregistered from SNG and SAG that have not yet started. When reconnected we now offer the ability to easily go back to those games and re-register.
  • Desktop – Auto-rebuy – Review of the way auto-rebuy works. Now there are two ways of controlling auto-rebuy:
    • Globally: Activating/deactivating and/or changing the global auto-rebuy feature in Settings > Buy-in / rebuy > Auto rebuy (Cash Game) will impact auto-rebuy for all currently opened and future tables, effective from the next hand.
    • Locally: Activating/deactivating and/or changing auto-rebuy feature at the table will impact auto-rebuy for the given active table only.
  • Mobile – Generic Homes Games lobby improvement including adding the name of the Home Games in the tiles, and addition of SNG Mixed Games.
  • Several minor UI/UX improvements across all platforms.


  • Implementation of several new Throwables, with more to come.
  • Implementation of a new prestige system that will be trialled in selected markets in the next few months.
  • Various bug fixes.


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