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Day 3 of Lex Not Live saw Freeze-outs and FU Flips, not to mention big prize pools.

The $22 NLHE Freeze-Out (#5) got big fast, with 730 unique entries creating a $14,600 prize pool — almost three times the $5K guarantee. As Lex himself pointed out on stream, the event had more money on offer than any usual $22 tournament during the UK morning schedule.

As expected, plenty of Lex’s community and online regulars were in the mix, and a few made the money including Ben “BenMartin98” Martin (24th – $72.92), “poker@luffyD” (32nd – $53.84), and Gardar “Pokervitne” Svavarsson (62nd – $48.57).

Ben “BenMartin98” Martin playing at LL2

It was Germany’s “Redair117” who finished on top though, banking $2,140 after an even chop with their compatriot “GeRGrayFox” ($2,140).

Speaking of events getting big, that was undoubtedly true of #6, the $11 NLHE Heads-Up All-In Shootout FU Flip. With no late registration available and $2.5K guaranteed, all players had to do was register and let the poker Gods decide their fate, as every hand would be all-in no matter what.

Close call but no luck for Lex in Event #6

A staggering 1,216 players signed up for a shot, increasing the prize pool to $12,488 and creating a first-place prize of $1,577.

For at least one of those minutes it looked like Lex could luckbox his way to a Lex Not Live trophy, as he won his first three all-ins. He’d eventually bust in 41st for $47.70.

Ultimately it was Twitch regular and chat favourite “staycalmpad” of the UK who flipped his way to victory and $1,577. Not bad for a couple of minutes’ work!

Today (Friday) is a rest day for Lex Not Live with video games and other fun stuff going down over on Lex’s Twitch channel.

Poker resumes tomorrow with the $55 NLHE High Roller at 3pm GMT, followed by the $33 NLHE Main Event on Sunday, also at 3pm GMT.

Good luck if you’re playing. Run like “staycalmpad”!

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