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Everyone loves an online poker home game amongst friends. But organising a six-day tournament series for an entire online community? That could get tricky.

Thankfully, Lex Veldhuis has worked with PokerStars to arrange the entire thing for you.

Following the postponement of Lex Live 3 comes the announcement of Lex not Live, an online series of low to medium buy-in tournaments designed to bring together members of Lex’s passionate Twitch community.

Running from Tuesday April 21 through to Sunday April 26, the series has fun events in a variety of poker disciplines and tournament formats–from PLO to PKOs and 6+ to FU Flips–just like at Lex Live events.

“I know it’s hard to substitute the whole event and experience… it’s impossible, really. But [hopefully] this is something we can do online that will soften the blow and will make the pain a lot less,” Veldhuis told us following the LL3 postponement.

“We definitely want to help make this up in terms of having fun and hanging out with each other in a different way.”

While aimed at members of the community, Lex not Live isn’t a private game. Everyone is welcome to play.

Rounding out the series at the weekend is a $55 High Roller (Saturday 25 April) and the $33 Lex not Live Main Event (Sunday 26 April).

Check out the full schedule below:




$22 PLO Lex Veldhuis Open

Tuesday 21 April

11:39 CET

$11 6+

Tuesday 21 April

13:00 CET

$22 Mini Big Bounty

Wednesday 22 April

11:00 CET

$16.50 Heads-Up Turbo Zoom PKO

Wednesday 22 April

13:00 CET

$22 Freeze-Out

Thursday 23 April

11:00 CET

$11 FU Flip

Thursday 23 April

13:00 CET

Video game day

Friday 24 April


$55 High Roller

Saturday 25 April

16:00 CET

$33 Main Event

Sunday 26 April

16:00 CET

Best of luck to everyone who plans on playing.

You should really have two goals throughout Lex not Live:

  1. Win an event and make Lex pull his sad face (which you can see below)
  2. Prevent Spraggy from winning another Lex Live event

Spraggy won the FU Flip at LL2. Lex hated to see it.

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