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A fantastic bit of poker entertainment was dropped into PokerStars Blog’s lap yesterday. Our colleagues at PokerStars.tv had picked out a clash between Russian live wire Artem Litvinov and EPT7 London champ David Vamplew at last season’s Grand Final.

Vamplew is a player known to calmly take his time over decisions,* but it soon becomes obvious that Litvinov isn’t aware of this reputation and erupts over what he calls a slowroll. Now, for the first time, we can tell you exactly what Litvinov said, thanks to the help of PokerStars Blog’s Russian reporter Andrey Maksin. But first, watch the video below.

*And by this, we mean he’s a thinking player not a serial tanker.

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How do you say ‘F—ing slowroller’ in Russian?
So what exactly was the occasionally irregular Litvinov saying about Vamplew?

“Pure slowroll. F—. F—, I’ll quickly get called. Easy call. He sits and looking to me it is clear that a flush purchased. I’m telling you, I did not fold, the f—ing add 6-8 thousand to call. Hi sits and stares to me, stares, stares, easy call.

I do not understand in English, you can not say anything, I said, you are clown, maybe it will be translated later. Let them translate. Like you played… Even (before) you’re born, Vova (Troyanovsky) already played cards, and you’re telling us in your 25 years.”

Okay, there’s a little interpretation left to apply there from our translation, but I think we can make three clear conclusions:

1) Litvinov believed Vamplew slowrolled him.
2) Litvinov was correct that we’d get his ourburst translated.
3) Litvinov called Vamplew a clown.

Add those three factors together and you get some entertaining viewing. Although Vamplew gets the rubdown he did go on to make the money, so it wasn’t all bad for the Scottish number one.

And, in fact, since first publishing we’ve heard back from Vamplew (and Negreanu) for his take on the situation.

Vamplew later told us: ” I’m not really familiar with Artem (but am now, lol) so I was basically thinking wtf is this guy up to? Is he trying to tell me he’s got the nuts?
When he does that speech I’m pretty certain he doesn’t have a decision facing an all-in, so either air or, for most people, a very strong hand like a flush (most people may take a minute with a set there even). Given that, now I don’t beat nearly as big a percentage of bet/call hands and I think I would have flatted with a four-high flush, for example. As you can see Artem isn’t most people though and obviously he is bet/snap-calling a lot, lot wider!”

Great hand, great chat and great television!

Litvinov bio
Artem Litvinov has won more than a million dollars in live tournaments and won €283,000 for a third-place finish at EPT Sanremo where he somewhat infamously started shadow boxing on stage after winning a big all-in. He’s had some big cashes online, too, and often plays – sometimes loudly – EPT High Roller events. In fact, there’s some great Litvinov-Seiver exchanges here.


Russian high roller Artem Litvinov

Vamplew bio
David Vamplew has won more than $3m in live tournaments after breaking through with a EPT London heads-up win over John Juanda for £900,000. Vamplew twice came close to a WSOP bracelet this year, both times finishing runner-up. David, if you’re reading do let us know what you were thinking. Drop us a line at @PokerStarsBlog.


Vamplew and Liv Boeree at EPT8 Campione

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