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The inaugural UKIPT Series event starts this Friday and both Liv Boeree and Jake Cody have confirmed that they’ll be playing the £275 tournament. We told you yesterday how great the event was and it didn’t take long for Boeree and Cody to toss their chips in.

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Cody and Boeree will be among this weekend’s runners

The three-day event runs 12-14 April with two Day 1s running into Sunday’s finale. Find full details about the event and structure here.

Sure, there are two classic ways of looking at playing at playing a tournament alongside two EPT winners.

1) “Why would I want to play against a top quality player in a £275 buy-in event?”

2) “Great, I get the opportunity to play against a top quality player in a £275 buy-in event!”

If you’re thinking about that slightly negative first question we should remind you that if it’s a smaller buy-in than they’re used to they’ll probably be willing to get it in even lighter than normal. Yeah, suddenly you have the edge. AND you’ll get the bragging rights if you scalp them, just remember to look up Nick Wright who will be on hand live blogging the event for us. In the words of Shane Falco from The Replacements (2000), “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.”

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