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In between fatherhood and app developing, we don’t see Max Silver on the live circuit as much as we once did. But the young Brit who cut his teeth on the UK and Ireland Poker Tour back in the day has come a long way since then. And now, when he plays, he really makes it count.

Last night Silver made the third and final day of this event, and mentioned he would now have to switch his flight. I guess he never got around to it, because by the time today’s final table rolled around Silver still had a flight out of Barcelona booked for 11pm.

Needless to say he wouldn’t make it. And right now, I don’t think he cares either. He’s just won the EPT Barcelona €10,300 High Roller for €600,924.

Gold for Silver

When he got heads up with Hungary’s Norbert Szesci — a WSOP bracelet winner with more than $1.5 million in earnings — the two had already locked up most of their bank courtesy of a three-way deal. But you’ll have to read on to learn about that.

Prior to that, two members of this final table were making their second one of this Barcelona trip. Orpen Kisacikoglu finished third in the opening €10K of EPT Barcelona, while Joris Ruys took down a €2,200 side-event for €260,050, his largest live score to date.

But how did we get there? Let’s go back.

Flash back to Friday and this event attracted 439 entries, including 112 re-entries, creating a €4,258,300 prize pool. Silver busted the Main Event within the first level, but he wouldn’t need a second bullet in this one.

With so many big names in the field the odds were in favour of one of them becoming the tournament bubble boy. This time it was High Roller crusher Byron Kaverman’s turn to exit prior to the cash, when his ace-king couldn’t hit against Siarhei Chudapal’s pocket eights.

No cash for Kaverman

Once they were in the money the bust-outs came thick and fast, as per usual. Kitty Kuo, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Matthias Eibinger, Stephen Chidwick, Single Day High Roller champ Benjamin Pollak, Will Kassouf, Team PokerStars Pro Jeff Gross, Bryn Kenney, Adrian Mateos, and Dario Sammartino are just a few of the big names who left with a profit. Sammartino busted at the business end of Day 2, leaving just 18 remaining for today’s final day.

Seth Davies entered the day as chip leader, but things went from bad to worse when he doubled Zhong Chen and Orpen Kisacikoglu to find himself short. He got all-in with ace-eight off versus Norbert Szecsi’s ace-king off, and the best hand held, knocking Davies out in 12th for €55,780.

Seth Davies

We then lost Gen Nose (11th), and Marcin Chmielewski (10th) to bring us down to an unofficial finale. Joris Ruijs had the chip lead, as the only player with more than 100 bigs.

Belgium’s Johnny Nedved was chip leader at certain points yesterday, but he couldn’t get much going today and found himself down to just 725,000 with the big blind at 60K (plus that pesky big blind ante). He open-jammed with pocket eights and was looked up by Orpen Kisacikoglu with ace-queen, and a queen hit the board to KO Nedved in ninth.

Nice result for Nedved

Following a big loss to Max Silver prior to a break, Niall Farrell returned with just five big blinds (or half that, when you consider the ante that goes with it). He did everything he could to get back in the game, and even found a double through Richard Kirsch, but ultimately he got it in with a weaker ace than Norbert Szecsi and couldn’t hit, ending his run in eighth.

Eighth for Farrell

With Farrell’s departure, Zhong Chen became the table shorty, and what a wild ride it was. Chen shoved a lot, then flopped a set to double up, and then flopped another set, looking to double up a second time. However, Cord Garcia’s up-and-down draw got there on the river, sending Chen home in seventh.

Zhong Chen

Unfortunately for Garcia, that pot didn’t affect his own luck. Not long after that, he collided in a huge pot with Norbert Szecsi running ace-king into pocket kings. He couldn’t find an ace, and his tournament was cut off in sixth place.

Cord Garcia

That pot secured Szecsi a healthy chip lead, and he’d extend it further by eliminating Orpen Kisacikoglu in fifth. Turkey’s all-time leading money winner moved all-in with a flush draw versus Szecsi’s top pair, but he couldn’t find the club he was looking for.

Orpen fell in fifth

The four remaining players battled for a long time thereafter. Every time Max Silver opened the button, Joris Ruijs shoved and got it through. Every time Silver shoved, he got all folds. Whenever Richard Kirsch jammed, he collected chips.

Finally, right as they were about to go on a dinner break, Kirsch busted in fourth. He got it in with pocket sevens against Szecsi’s pocket tens, and the best hand held.

Richard Kirsch

When they returned from dinner, the three players cut a deal. It secured €626,357 for Szecsi, €540,924 for Silver, and €488,819 for Ruijs. They left €60K and the trophy to play, and shortened the levels to 30 minutes.

It didn’t take long to then lose Ruijs in third. He flopped two pair, but by the river Silver had made a straight and the money went in.

Norbert Szecsi

Heads-up lasted less than one 30-minute level. After a lot of back and forthing, Szesci shoved over a three-bet with pocket threes, Silver called with pocket tens, and the rest — as you know from the top of this piece – is history.

Barcelona heads-up

Max Silver is your EPT Barcelona €10K High Roller champ.

And that’s a wrap.

EPT Barcelona €10,300 High Roller
ENTRIES: 439 (incl. 112 re-entries)
PRIZE POOL: €4,258,300
* – results of a three-way deal


1 Max Silver United Kingdom   * €600,924
2 Norbert Szacsi Hungary   * €626,357
3 Joris Ruijs Netherlands   * €488,819
4 Richard Kirsch USA   €295,960  
5 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey   €232,080  
6 Cord Garcia United States   €181,830  
7 Zhong Chen Netherlands   €136,700  
8 Niall Farrell United Kingdom   €97,100  
9 Johnny Nedved Belgium   €77,500  

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