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Much has been written during MicroMillions about low buy-ins becoming big pay-outs, and it’s all true. But there’s another advantage to these inexpensive entry fees, that don’t rely on the subsequent big win to be deemed useful. They present an excellent opportunity to develop skills in games you might not ordinary get a chance to play, at least not in a competitive environment.

Results from yesterday provided a perfect example.

Event #59 was a Stud tournament. For players weaned on hold’em and looking to build confidence and experience in another form of the game for $1.10, this was a golden opportunity, as the field size of 6,621 suggests.

pokerstars_online_27july16.jpgAs well as the regular slate of hold’em events, MicroMillions offers players teh chance to play other poker variants at a competitive level for just a few dollars

Of course, someone always has to win, and in this case it was Norwegian player bollemus picking up a first prize just shy of $1,000. For others it was a chance to play, gain some experience, and all at minimal expense.

There are more of these “non-hold’em” events to come in the final third of the MicroMillions 12 schedule, including tournaments in various forms of Omaha, triple draw and HORSE. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for details and give them a try.

In the meantime here are the winners from yesterday.

55 $2.20 9837 $9,837.00 KiroV999 Russia $1,345.77
56 $4.40 10396 $41,584.00 victorcham93 Moldova $5,564.58
57 $0.11 18479 $15,000.00 Project-Kiq Estonia $1,579.13
58 $5.50 13500 $67,500.00 boyer 8 Canada $8,422.85
59 $1.10 6621 $6,621.00 bollemus Norway $946.40

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.

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