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Just as has been the case for the last week-and-a-half, Event #94 of MicroMillions 5 — a $5.50 no-limit hold’em affair with options for one re-buy and one add-on — attracted a huge field, this one 14,424 players strong. In the end it would take just over 10 hours for the tourney to play down to a winner, with wawryn1410 of Poland ultimately earning a big first prize of $18,728.89 for the win.

That big field opted to take 10,595 re-buys and 4,932 add-ons, all of which added up to a prize pool of $149,755 which was almost twice the event’s $75K guarantee. That meant at least four-figure paydays for the top eight finishers, with no less than three players scheduled to earn more than $10K in one of the bigger-paying events of MicroMillions 5.

Eventually the large field played down to 2,025 and the money, then by the time they’d crossed the seven-hour mark just 100 players remained, at which point kaipone and JKzooor were sitting in the top spots with both having accumulated more than 4 million chips.

By the eight-hour mark they were down to 50 players, with Dayterius the new leader with more than 11.3 million, kaipone still up there in second position, and JKzooor having been recently eliminated in 56th ($190.18).

About 45 minutes later they’d gotten down to the final 18 players gathered around the last two tables. Vladi31 had chipped up to a big lead by then with more than 25.7 million at a time when the nearest challenger — RIPShadow21 — had but 13.9 million. Meanwhile former leaders kaipone (24th, $280.04) and Dayterius (35th, $257.57) had joined those on the rail.

Within the next 40 minutes eight more players would fall. First denis270109 (18th), DutchForever (17th), and mini240385 (16th) each cashed for $314.48. After that rol007 (15th), barigu (14th), and drwg (13th) were eliminated, each earning $449.26 for their finishes. Then storm261 (12th) and RIPShadow21 (11th) successively hit the rail to find $599.02 added to their PokerStars accounts.

The tourney moved to hand-for-hand play with 10 left, and soon two bustouts happened simultaneously on both tables to reduce the field to eight.

On one table nickk410 open-pushed for 2,632,330 (about four-and-a-half big blinds from the button with 95 and got a single caller in tjolszers who had K3 in the small blind. The community cards missed both players — coming AJ10J8 — and nickk410 was out 10th, like storm261 and RIPShadow21 earning $599.02 for doing so.

Meanwhile on the other table 1Runb0ltRun1 was shoving all in from under the gun for 4,263,735 (about seven big blinds) with A9 and getting called by levelup1 sitting one seat over with JJ. The board came 861049 to improve levelup1 to a flush and knock 1Runb0ltRun1 out in ninth for a $898.53 payday.

With levelup1 having pushed into the top spot and one seat already empty, the final table was officially underway.


Seat 1: Vladi31 (Germany) — 30,656,696
Seat 2: empty
Seat 3: tjolszers (Belgium) — 24,992,850
Seat 4: levelup1 (Germany) — 35,069,769
Seat 5: wawryn1410 (Poland) — 24,165,029
Seat 6: satanas_fash (Greece) — 16,021,839
Seat 7: petjen27 (Denmark) — 8,340,936
Seat 8: quimmol (Portugal) — 3,856,376
Seat 9: misha33333 (Ukraine) — 6,651,505

The final eight players made it to the nine-and-a-half-hour break, then shortly afterwards the blinds were 400k/800k when tjolszers open-pushed for 3,607,786 from early position and got two callers in levelup1 sitting one seat over and satanas_fash playing from the cutoff seat.

Both levelup1 and satanas_fash checked the J77 flop, then after levelup1 checked the 8 turn satanas_fash fired 4.4 million and levelup1 folded.

satanas_fash turned over 99 which was better than tjolszers’s A10, and after the K river the pocket nines were still best and tjolszers was out in eighth.

Just a few minutes later the blinds were still 400k/800k when wawryn1410 opened the action with a raise to 1.68 million from the button, then petien27 reraised all in from the big blind for 15,081,872 and wawryn1410 called.

It was AQ for wawryn1410 and KQ for petien27, and when the community cards came 8810, then 4, then 10, wawryn1410’s ace kicker won the pot and sent petien27 railward in seventh.

They’d moved to the next level where the blinds were 500k/1m (with a 125k ante) when Vladi31 raised to 2 million from UTG, then quimmol pushed all in for 9,873,999 from the small blind and Vladi31 called.

quimmol had AQ and hopes of outdrawing Vladi31’s 44, but the flop thundered down 44J to give Vladi31 quads and leave quimmol drawing dead, thus knocking the latter out in sixth.

The remaining five battled onward for a short while, then came a big double-knockout out hand to reduce the field to three.

The blinds were up to 600k/1.2m, and after satanas_fash open-raised all in for 8,987,411 from the cutoff seat, misha33333 called all in for 8,903,010 from the button. It folded to levelup1 in the big blind who made the call while having both players covered.

levelup1: AJ
satanas_fash: A7
misha33333: 99

The flop came A103 to pair both levelup1 and satanas_fash’s aces, then the 7 dramatically fell on fourth street to improve satanas_fash to two pair. But there was still one card to come… the J! A better two pair for levelup1, and both misha33333 and satanas_fash were out with the latter finishing a spot higher thanks to having a larger stack when the hand began.

RSS readers click through to view replay

wawryn1410 had the lead to begin three-handed play with about 69 million to the 41.1 million of levelup1 and 39.6 million of Vladi31.

The trio played a couple of small hands accompanied by some quick chat about a possible deal — levelup1 wasn’t interested — then came a hand that saw wawryn1410 min-raising to 2.4 million from the button, Vladi31 reraising to 6 million from the small blind, levelup1 calling from the big blind and wawryn1410 calling as well.

The flop came all diamonds — 9QJ — and Vladi31 led with a bet of 13.2 million. levelup1 called and wawryn1410 folded, and the two remaining players saw the turn bring the Q. At that Vladi31 pushed all in for 18,767,725 and levelup1 called.

levelup1 had AJ for queens and jacks plus an ace-high flush draw while Vladi31 had AK for a lesser flush draw and hopes of hitting a better two pair or a straight. The river then brought the Q, improving levelup1 to a full house and knocking Vladi31 out in third.

levelup1 had 86,734,086 to wawryn1410’s 63,020,914 to begin heads-up play, although within just a few hands wawryn1410 had closed the gap to make the stacks virtually even.

levelup1 still had a small lead with a little less than 75.5 million to wawryn1410’s 74.3 million when wawryn1410 opened from the button with a raise to 2.64 million (a little over 2x the big blind), then levelup1 reraised to 6.6 million and wawryn1410 called.

The flop came 828, and level up continued for 5.4 million with wawryn1410 calling. The turn then brought the 4 and another bet from levelup1 — for 8.4 million this time — and once more wawryn1410 called.

The A then fell on fifth street, and levelup1 responded with an all-in shove for about 54.9 million. wawryn1410 had about 53.7 million left behind and called it off, turning over 44 for a turned full house. That was better than levelup1’s A3 (aces and eights), and suddenly wawryn1410 had nearly all of the chips.

RSS readers click through to view replay

Down to just 1,189,172, levelup1 had to post 700,000 of that on the next hand as the small blind, then pushed the remainder in from the button and wawryn1410 called. levelup1 had 73 and wawryn1410 Q10, and the board rolled out 29QK10 to put a swift end to the heads-up match and the tournament.

Congratulations to wawryn1410 for winning one of the bigger MicroMillions 5 first prizes of $18,728.89 after topping a huge field of 14,424!

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #94 ($5.50 NLHE, 1R1A) results

Players: 14,424
Total Prize pool: $149,755.00
Re-buys: 10,595
Add-ons: 4,932
Places paid: 2,025

1. wawryn1410 (Poland) — $18,729.89
2. levelup1 (Germany) — $13,073.61
3. Vlad31 (Germany) — $10,033.58
4. satanas_fash (Greece) — $7,038.48
5. misha33333 (Ukraine) — $5,540.93
6. quimmol (Portugal) — $4,043.38
7. petjen27 (Denmark) — $2,620.71
8. tjolszers (Belgium) — $1,347.79
9. 1Runb0ltRun1 (Portugal) — $898.53

It’s the final day of MicroMillions 5, yet another successful run of the popular low buy-in, big pay-off series. Check the MicroMillions page for results of all events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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