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The eighth installment of the MicroMillions is coming to a close and there were all sorts of poker festivities today.

Event #96 featured a No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo rebuy event for just $3.30.

A total of 4,966 players signed up, rebought 6,869 times and purchased 3,303 add-ons. That created a prize pool of $45,414.00, which 640 players got a piece of.

The player who got the biggest piece was guns_n_fight, who started the final table with the chip lead and never lost it.

For the victory, guns_n_fight won $6,699.35 and the title of MicroMillions champion.

The final table


Seat 1: enay_fls – 6,629,394
Seat 2: jodeci69 – 6,152,977
Seat 3: guns_n_fight – 36,017,945
Seat 4: Kidpoker857 – 2,629,176
Seat 5: BodogAri – 4,942,311
Seat 6: Michiel18 – 2,777,720
Seat 7: alexandru21a – 9,715,774
Seat 8: plutarsch – 15,082,203

After a few double ups and several chopped pots, the final table lost its first player.

kidpoker857 had survived a few all-ins at the final table and then went all-in again for 2.92 million from the button.

BodogAri reshoved for 4.73 million from the small blind and players tabled their cards.

Kidpoker857: A1065
BodogAri: AK74

The board ran 28J23 and BodogAri scooped the pot with ace-king for the hi and 8-4-3-2-A for the lo.

BodogAri chipped up to 8.65 million while Kidpoker857 won $340.60 for finishing 8th.

Buster to busted

BodogAri dealt the first elimination but was the next to go.

First, BodogAri lost most of his chips by doubling up plutarsch.

plutarsch opened to 1.125 million from the hijack and guns_n_fight called from the small blind. BodogAri re-raised all-in for 10.65 million from the big blind and only plutarsch called.

plutarsch showed AK105 and was up against BodogAri’s double pair, AA33.

There was a 2QK1010 board and plutarsch took the pot with tens full of kings.

plutarsch was up to 21.44 million while BodogAri was left with just 712,754.

guns_n_fight raised to 1.8 million from the button the following hand and BodogAri called all-in from the small blind.
Michiel18 called all-in from the big blind and there was a three-way showdown.

BodogAri: JJ43
Michiel18: 2284
guns_n_fight: KQJ4

The board ran 759AK and guns_n_fight took the hi with a pair of kings while Michiel18 took the lo with 7-5-4-2-A.

Michiel18 was up to 2.35 million while guns_n_fight’s lead increased to 34.23 million.

BodogAri on the other hand was out in 7th and won $567.67.

guns_n_fight shows some might

Michiel18 and guns_n_fight split BodogAri’s chips but then guns_n_fight took all of Michiel 18’s.

guns_n_fight raised to 1.8 million from the cutoff and Michiel18 moved all-in for 2.53 million from the button. guns_n_fight called with 4422 while Michiel18 had A853.

The board came 1010J10Q and guns_n_fight took down the pot with tens full of fours.

guns_n_fight was up to 42.54 million — more than half the chips in play — while Michiel18 won $1,317.00 for finishing 6th.

Quick one and a deal

Two hands after Michiel18’s elimination, enay_fls moved all-in for 9.17 million from the small blind and jodeci69 called from the big blind.

jodeci69: 88A10
enay_fls: AKJ4

There was a 5A2K7 board and enay_fls scooped the pot with aces and kings and 7-5-4-2-A for the lo.

After the elimination, the remaining four players decided to cut a deal with the following counts:

guns_n_fight – 42,019,491
enay_fls – 17,841,722
plutarsch – 15,795,061
alexandru21a – 8,291,226

The deal numbers were:

guns_n_fight – $6,199.35
enay_fls – $4,535.26
plutarsch – $4,262.64
alexandru21a – $3,817.84

There was still $500 left for first and the title of MicroMillions champion.

After the deal was struck, enay_fls raised to 1.35 million from the button and alexandru21a moved all-in for 8.89 million. enay_fls called and showed KK43 to alexandru21a’s AA75.

enay_fls scooped the pot when the board ran 68752 while alexandru21 won $3,817.84 for finishing 4th.

Fighting back

With such a commanding lead, enay_fls and plutarsch were battling out to see who would go up against guns_n_fight.

Then plutarsch won a big pot:

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Two hands later, guns_n_fight raised to 1.6 million from the button and plutarsch called from the small blind. enay_fls moved all-in for 9.65 million from the big blind and guns_n_fight re-raised to 17.71 million.

plutarsch folded and we had another showdown.

enay_fls: A643
guns_n_fight: 101053

The board ran 751079 and guns_n_fight took the pot with a full house.

enay_fls won the agreed upon $4,535.26 while the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

guns_n_fight – 57,822,898
plutarsch – 26,124,602

It was a short heads-up match and on the second hand, guns_n_fight raised to 1.6 million and plutarsch three-bet to 4 million.

guns_n_fight called and the flop came 4310. plutarsch bet 6.23 million and guns_n_fight called. The turn was a 7 and plutarsch bet 15,704,640, leaving himself with just 87,962 behind. guns_n_fight raised to 31.41 million and plutarsch called all-in.

plutarsch showed AAJ6 while guns_n_fight tabled A965. guns_n_fight had a three-to-seven straight and hit a 5-4-3-2-A lo when the 2 came on the river.

plutarsch won $4,262.64 for the runner-up finish while guns_n_fight earned $6,699.35 for taking the title.

MicroMillions-096: $3.30+R NL Omaha Hi/Lo:
Entrants: 4,966 entrants, 6,869 rebuys, 3,303 add-ons
Total prize pool: $45,414.00
Places paid: 640

1. guns_n_fight (Greece) $6,699.35*
2. plutarsch (Germany) $4,262.64*
3. enay_fls (Israel) $4,535.36*
4. alexandru21a (Romania) $3,817.84*
5. jodeci69 (Canada) $2,225.28
6. Michiel18 (Netherlands) $1,317.00
7. BodogAri (Canada) $567.67
8. Kidpoker857 (United Kingdom) $340.60

Denotes a four-way deal.

That’s it for Event #96 and most of the MicroMillions. For a full list of results for this installment of the MicroMillions, check out the MicroMillions homepage.

Until next time.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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