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The progressive knockout tournament is an interesting beast. It’s a bounty tournament where a percentage of each bounty is added to the bounty of the person who caused the elimination. It might sound a little confusing, but imagine that the bounty on the heads of the big stacks continues to grow and grow throughout a tournament until it gets to the point where the bounty prizes almost rival the regular prize pool. Worth taking a shot at? Most definitely!

It creates an exciting dynamic where players are encouraged to gamble more and more the deeper the tournament runs. And the player with the most gamble was undoubtedly liftedtruck1 who had plenty of swings in chasing the bounties but ended up on top to take the title after a three-handed deal.

It all went down in Event #90 of the MicroMillions 8 series — an $8.80 No Limit Holdem Progressive Super-Knockout Event which attracted a field of 6,890 players. Half of the $57,876 prize pool was divided among the top 1,440 players while the other half was placed in the bounty prize pool. A bounty of $4.20 was placed on each player, while reaching the min-cash would net at least $4.63.

After seven-and-a-half hours of play, JokepStar and rembrandt868 went to war on a nine-high flop. JokepStar looked set to double up with pocket jacks against ace-nine but rembrandt868 caught a third nine on the river to claim the bounty of JokepStar in tenth place and see our final table set as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: tatanapol (2,629,526 in chips)
Seat 2: BrAK1989 (2,376,012 in chips)
Seat 3: sebas117 (570,902 in chips)
Seat 4: rembrandt868 (2,909,759 in chips)
Seat 5: Co4HbIu (1,714,981 in chips)
Seat 6: M.mhamdi (1,040,855 in chips)
Seat 7: urka_epu (2,686,790 in chips)
Seat 8: liftedtruck1 (2,023,381 in chips)
Seat 9: lapro954 (1,272,794 in chips)

The final table kicked off in a blaze of glory with an elimination on the very first hand. rembrandt868 opened with a raise of five times the big blind before M.mhamdi moved all in. rembrandt868 made the call and showed a monster KK as M.mhamdi was pretty unlucky to have JJ at the wrong time. The first four community cards were spread 52A7 to bring the chance of a chopped pot with a flush on board, but the Q bricked out to leave M.mhamdi to pick up $196.77 along with $13.12 in bounties for ninth place.

rembrandt868 surged into the chip lead while sebas117 was just looking for a spot to get the chips in as the short stack. With AJ in the small blind, sebas117 three-bet all in and was looking in good shape to double against liftedtruck1 who called with A6. However the board fell 528JK to bring a flush break the heart of sebas117 in eighth place. That was worth $289.38 plus $61.14 in bounties.

tatanapol would be the next player to fall. After a raise on the flop by urka_epu, the chips were all in on the turn on a board of KA32. tatanapol called it off with 9A for top pair, but urka_epu tabled A3 for two pair. The 7 landed on the river to leave tatanapol to depart in seventh place for $578.76 along with $131.66 in bounties.

lapro954 caught a double up with king-ten spiking a ten to get past liftedtruck1’s ace-queen, to even up the playing field across the remaining six players. Things were pretty tight and it would be some time before we lost our next player.

Co4HbIu was eventually the one to crack in a rather strange hand. Co4HbIu opened with a min-raise preflop before liftedtruck1 clicked it back with another min-raise on the button. Co4HbIu called and then check-called on the 846 flop. When the J appeared on the turn, Co4HbIu decided that was good enough to overbet the pot all in, but liftedtruck1 made the call with QJ for top pair and queen-high flush draw. Co4HbIu showed KQ for just a king-high flush draw as well as an overcard that would win the pot. The river was the 3 to leave Co4HbIu to fall in sixth place and that was worth $868.14 plus another $44.80 in bounties.

It would take just one more hand for five to become four. From the button, lapro954 moved all in for just over ten big blinds with A8 but couldn’t get past BrAK1989’s 99 in the small blind. The board fell 28J2Q which left lapro954 to exit in fifth place for $1,157.52 as well as an impressive $251.97 in bounties.

liftedtruck1 moved into the chip lead with four players left and consolidated that position following a big hand with rembrandt868. It was another rather weird hand that saw liftedtruck1 again employ the mini-three-bet preflop. rembrandt868 called and the flop landed 7106. liftedtruck1 was first to act and fired out a continuation bet with rembrandt868 calling to see the 2 fall on the turn. Again it was bet and call as the 5 completed the board. liftedtruck1 didn’t slow down, making a river bet big enough to put rembrandt868 all in. The call was again made as rembrandt868 showed AJ for just ace-high, clearly putting liftedtruck1 on air. However liftedtruck1 showed 88 — not a great hand, but enough to win the pot and remove rembrandt868 in fourth place. rembrandt868 won $1,446.90 as well as $424.97 in bounties.

liftedtruck1 now had a big chip lead but things quickly switched around when BrAK1989 rivered a flush and got full value after liftedtruck1 couldn’t get away from top pair.

It was at this point that the three players paused the clock to talk numbers. A deal based on ICM was presented with the three quickly accepting the numbers that left the title and $600 in the middle to play for.

It proved to be perfect timing for BrAK1989 who would give the chip lead straight back to liftedtruck1 just a couple of hands later when liftedtruck1’s ace-jack held against BrAK1989’s ace-ten.

urka_epu was on the short stack and was looking for a double up. When liftedtruck1 opened the button, urka_epu three-bet shoved with 7A. The bet was for around twenty big blinds but that didn’t deter liftedtruck1 from making a gambling call to chase the hefty bounty prize with Q4. The community cards arrived 25JQK to pair up the queen for liftedtruck1 in a brutal blow for urka_epu. At least urka_epu picked up plenty of bounties, taking home $2,503.43 plus $833.18 in bounties for third place.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 2: BrAK1989 (5,480,216 in chips)
Seat 8: liftedtruck1 (11,744,784 in chips)

BrAK1989 chipped up a little with a nice pot without showdown on the first hand, but that would be pretty much the only joy for BrAK1989 in the heads-up battle.

Blinds were passed back and forth before the final pot of the tournament unfolded. After a single raise preflop, liftedtruck1 led out with a bet from the big blind on the Q48 flop. BrAK1989 put in a raise and liftedtruck1 called as the 4 hit the turn. This time liftedtruck1 check-called and the river 5 completed the board. liftedtruck1 continued with unorthodox lines of betting by leading out once again on the river. BrAK1989 decided that AQ was good enough to move all in but liftedtruck1 made the call with 42 for trip fours to grab the victory!


A favourable deal saw BrAK1989 collect $3,258.80 and $203.53 in bounties for second place as liftedtruck1 took down the title, $3,331.91 and $1,163.56 in bounties, including the best bounty of them all – the last one! Congratulations!

MicroMillions-090: $8.80 No Limit Holdem Progressive Super-KO
Entrants: 6,890
Regular prize pool: $28,938
Bounty prize pool: $28,938
Places paid: 1,440

1. liftedtruck1 (Canada) $3,331.91* (+$1,163.56 in bounties)
2. BrAK1989 (Brazil) $3,258.80* (+$203.53 in bounties)
3. urka_epu (Russia) $2,503.43* (+$833.18 in bounties)
4. rembrandt868 (Netherlands) $1,446.90 (+$424.97 in bounties)
5. lapro954 (Argentina) $1,157.52 (+$251.97 in bounties)
6. Co4HbIu (Russia) $868.14 (+ $44.80 in bounties)
7. tatanapol (Poland) $578.76 (+$131.66 in bounties)
8. sebas117 (Argentina) $289.38 (+$61.14 in bounties)
9. M.mhamdi (Tunisia) $196.77 (+$13.12 in bounties)

* denotes three-handed ICM deal

There’s over $5 million guaranteed across 100 different events during the MicroMillions 8 series which runs through until July 27th. Head to the MicroMillions 8 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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