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Poker players often disagree over which poker variant is the best. Some like Holdem. Some like Omaha. Some like No Limit. Others like to bet the pot. Some like Hi-Lo split. And some like Razz. Well, we can ignore the Razz people as they are a little crazy, but for everyone else, MicroMillions Event #89 seemed like the perfect event to keep everyone happy. The rather unique $5.50 No Limit 5-Card Omaha Hi-Lo Event offered a little bit of something for everyone as a field of 2,736 players took part. They created a prize pool of $13,680 which was well above the advertised guarantee.

The top 352 players would make a profit with a min-cash worth $8.89. PokerStars Team Online member Naoya Kihara couldn’t reach the money as an early casualty, and neither could Canada’s Rocket_921 who bubbled in 353rd place.

It would take a little over seven hours to see our final table reached. There was some stubborn resistance on the final table bubble, but eventually ydeopenender would be the one to fall with a set of deuces not enough against as The1Messiah scooped with a wheel straight. ydeopenender was out in ninth as the final table of eight was set as follows:


Final Table Line Up
Seat 1: jointy333 (3,026,736 in chips)
Seat 2: The1Messiah (2,072,295 in chips)
Seat 3: Slavy71 (257,048 in chips)
Seat 4: Maxim Ryzhko (1,031,065 in chips)
Seat 5: 4678934 (3,310,535 in chips)
Seat 6: Hildereit (1,471,993 in chips)
Seat 7: kiminius (1,281,983 in chips)
Seat 8: pille1965 (1,228,345 in chips)

The chips were fairly evenly spread around the table, especially after Slavy71 secured a double up through Maxim Ryzhko on the first hand of the final table.

kiminius did even better than that with a triple up after rivering a wheel to dent both jointy333 and Hildereit.

jointy33 was hurt even further when The1Messiah found a double up, making a full house against two pair to see jointy33 slide rather quickly from one of the chip leaders to the short stack.

jointy333 tried to double up with a preflop shove holding 983AK with The1Messiah making the call with Q473Q. The board ran out AQ238 to see jointy333 end with two pair but The1Messiah had a set of queens and the only low to scoop the lot. It was a dramatic fall from grace for jointy333 to crash and burn in eighth place for $136.80.

Moments later, a three-way all-in clash would spell the end for Maxim Ryzhko. The1Messiah min-raised and Maxim Ryzhko called before 4678934 moved all in. The1Messiah called and so did Maxim Ryzhko for the last of his chips.

The fifteen cards were spread on their backs with The1Messiah holding K8A63 against 4678934’s AQ8A9 and Maxim Ryzhko’s 762A7. The board was Q8Q107 and it would be the queen-eight of 4678934 which would make a full house to scoop with no low possible. Maxim Ryzhko made a smaller full house but that was no good as he departed in seventh place for $273.60.

Slavy71 landed a double up making a flush against pille1965’s straight, to leave pille1965 to move all in soon after with QA353. Three opponents made the call, with kiminius betting into the side pot on the flop of 97Q. The1Messiah was the lone caller before kiminius’s bet on the repeat Q turn forced a fold. pille1965 had trip queens but kiminius showed 298A9 for a flopped set that turned into a full house. pille1965 had outs but the 10 river didn’t change a thing to leave pille1965 to exit in sixth place for $410.40.

The idea of a deal was thrown around with kiminius and Hildereit seeming interested, but the The1Messiah flip-flopped back and forth, and 4678934 and Slavy71 were largely unresponsive so it was game on!

Hildereit was on the short stack and committed all in preflop with QJA75 with both The1Messiah and Slavy71 making the call. The two live players checked it through to the turn on the board of 72A4 where The1Messiah tossed out a bet. Slavy71 got out of the way and The1Messiah showed 3K53J for a beautiful wheel to leave Hildereit drawing pretty thin to stay alive. The river was the Q which couldn’t save Hildereit who exited in fifth place for $684.00.

Slavy71 would be next to fall after raising all in on a flop of J8A. The1Messiah made the call with 410K2A for top pair, gutshot straight draw and a low draw to be up against Slavy71’s 8436A top two pair and low draw. The turn landed the J which was harsh card for Slavy71 as the two pair had been counterfeited and the river 7 gave The1Messiah a low as well to scoop the pot. Slavy71 was bounced out in fourth place for $957.60.

kiminius was the chip leader but The1Messiah took over on top with a river check-raise holding a full house. However kiminius pulled some chips back with a full house to leave 4678934 crippled. A few antes and blinds passed and 4678934 was down to the point of no return.

4678934 was all in for less than the small blind with both opponents coming along. The board of 3K25Q was checked to the river where The1Messiah took a stab with 7QQ49 for a flush and seven-low. kiminius called with 89A36 for a six-low which was enough to get half as 4678934 mucked, unable to better either the high or low. 4678934 picked up $1,272.78 for third place.

Heads-up Chip Counts
Seat 2: The1Messiah (7,500,764 in chips)
Seat 7: kiminius (6,179,236 in chips)

kiminius said, “deal?”
The1Messiah said, “nah”
The1Messiah said, “lets play”
kiminius said, “ok”

The final two players were pretty even in chips and quite deep-stacked, but surprisingly it would take just five heads-up hands to decide a winner.

The first three hands were uneventful before the chips went in on the turn on hand number four. kiminius made two pair to take the high and The1Messiah had the nut low for a split pot, but things ended a little differently next hand.

kiminius raised the button before The1Messiah put in a huge three-bet shove preflop. kiminius called it off with 789104 for connected, middling cards, but The1Messiah was aiming high with a strong AAKJQ. The board would land JA9K6 which didn’t help kiminius too much as The1Messiah flopped a set of aces to grab the victory!


kiminius pocketed $1,641.60 for the runner-up result as The1Messiah rose to the top to win the first-place prize of $2,327.14 and the MicroMillions title. Congratulations!

MicroMillions-089: $5.50 No Limit 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo
Entrants: 2,736
Prize pool: $13,680
Places paid: 352

1. The1Messiah (Belgium) $2,327.14
2. kiminius (United Kingdom) $1,641.60
3. 4678934 (Canada) $1,272.78
4. Slavy71 (Poland) $957.60
5. Hildereit (Germany) $684.00
6. pille1965 (Germany) $410.40
7. Maxim Ryzhko (Ukraine) $273.60
8. jointy333 (Germany) $136.80

There’s over $5 million guaranteed across 100 different events during the MicroMillions 8 series which runs through until July 27th. Head to the MicroMillions 8 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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