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micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe 100-event-long tourney journey continued overnight and into Saturday morning at PokerStars MicroMillions with Event #17, a $3.30 no-limit hold’em tournament with 5,000 starting chips and 10-minute levels.

When the first hands were dealt the field had only just crossed 3,000 entrants, but after two hours of late registration a total of 7,399 had joined the fray. That turnout meant a total prize pool of $22,197 — more than twice the $10K guarantee — which would be divided among the top 990 finishers.

A min-cash was worth $5.10, making the final table guaranteed you at least $172.02, and the winner stood to earn a handsome $3,380.92 payday. That meant a better than 1000x return on one player’s $3.30 investment!

It took about three hours and 50 minutes for the cash bubble to burst, and with 990 left Dawsboss89 sat atop the counts as the only player with more than 200,000 chips, with kukuls777 and kazah123 trailing in second and third, respectively. A half-hour after that they were down to 500 with Dawsboss89 still in the top ten but NitzuMicro having shot into first with just over 400,000.

As they crossed the six-hour mark just 100 remained, with mainitz on top with 1.12 million and JCMSwag with just over 1 million as the only two above the milestone.

Almost two hours later they were down to the final 18, with Peaches54 the leader sitting with about 4.88 million, Gosugamer300 second with almost 4.34 million, and Dissentio third with right at 4.24 million.

Over the next half-hour eight more would fall — Yurchik200 (18th, $62.15), reg163 (17th, $62.15), repakbp (16th, $62.15), cashfan77 (15th, $93.22), CBTgangsta (14th, $93.22), ViCtoR121979 (13th, $93.22), Niko Vpl (12th, $124.30), and MihaiCristea (11th, $124.30) — leaving just ten to battle around a couple of short-handed tables.

During that stretch Gosugamer300 seized the advantage to chip up all of the way over 9 million, with g4kinds, alienface#9, and JCMSwag battling for a distant second, all hovering around 4.2-4.4 million.

Meanwhile, Frajaja went to the eight-and-a-half-hour break with but 310,668 — not quite two big blinds — and on the first hand back would push all in with A2 but survive to chop against Peaches54’s A3. Then on the other table mendozoQ would lose an prefop all-in for 2,862,596 with K10 against Dissentio’s AK to go out in 10th ($124.30), and the final nine was set.


Seat 1: Frajaja — 360,668
Seat 2: Dissentio — 6,659,666
Seat 3: JCMSwag — 4,463,813
Seat 4: alienface#9 — 4,049,902
Seat 5: Trey9191 — 1,864,742
Seat 6: Peaches54 — 3,263,995
Seat 7: Oganes011 — 2,897,546
Seat 8: Gosugamer300 — 9,054,237
Seat 9: g4kinds — 4,380,431

Frajaja would get that short stack all in on the first hand of the final table, pushing from early position with A5 then getting isolated by a reraise from JCMSwag sitting a couple of seats over with 1010. The board came 9K3J7, and Frajaja was swiftly gone in ninth.

Just two hands later it would be Oganes11 raising all in from the cutoff for 2,757,546 and getting one caller in Dissentio from the big blind. Oganes11 had 88 and was hoping to dodge an ace versus Dissentio’s A6. But the flop brought one, coming J7A, and after the K turn and 6 river Oganes11 was out in eighth.

It would only take four more hands for another to fall, the blinds moving up to 100,000/200,000 in the interim. A min-raise to 400,000 by JCMSwag from the cutoff earned an all-in reraise to 1,514,742 from Trey9191 from the small blind, and JCMSwag obliged with a rapid call.

Trey9191 had woken up with a monster in the blinds and tabled his QQ. But the timing was bad for Trey9191 as JCMSwag turned over AA. The flop came AK8 to give JCMSwag a set, and by the 2 turn there was no river to help Trey9191 who was eliminated in seventh.

The big hands — and bustouts — kept coming quickly, as it was just three hands later that alienface#9 opened for 400,000 from early position, then g4kinds pushed all in for 4,065,431 from the button. The blinds stepped aside, and alienface#9 quickly called, showing KK to g4kinds’ AQ.

The K4A brought another set to the player with the big pair, and the 9 turn made the Q no matter as g4kinds was knocked out in sixth.

The pace would slow just a tad after that as another dozen hands went by with all five remaining players continuing to survive. Then Peaches54 open-raised all in for 2,274,026 from UTG and JCMSwag called from the small blind. Peaches54 had A6, but JCMSwag had picked up another nice final table hand with KK. The board came 9QQ25 and they were down to four.

Just three hands would pass, the blinds moving up to 125,000/250,000, before a hand arose in which a preflop raising war developed between Gosugamer300 and Dissentio.

First Gosugamer300 min-raised to 500,000 from the button, and Dissentio min-reraised back to 1 million from the small blind, forcing a fold from JCMSwag. Gosugamer300 made it 2.25 million, Dissentio pushed all in, and Gosugamer300 called with the 3,987,185 he had remaining.

Dissentio: KK
Gosugamer300: JJ

Two more big hands, and after the five community cards rolled out A239A the biggest of the two took down the pot, sending Gosugamer300 railward in fourth.

With three players left, Dissentio had the edge with nearly 15.6 million, just ahead of JCMSwag with almost 14.5 million with alienface#9 well behind with a little more than 6.9 million.

However, things would change dramatically three hands later, with Dissentio losing nearly all of his chips in a hand versus JCMSwag in which Dissentio flopped top pair with AJ but JCMSwag was lying in wait with QQ. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to see replay

That one left Dissentio with but 981,679 — not quite four big blinds — and he’d push his stack in from the button with K8, getting a call from alienface#9 with Q7. The flop paired both players, coming K710, but the Q turn gave alienface#9 a second pair and the lead. The river was the A, and they were down to two.

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Heads-up play began with JCMSwag enjoying a better than 4-to-1 chip lead with 29,390,436 to alienface#9’s 7,604,564. The latter would battle gamely, however, and over the course of a few dozen hands evened the score.

In fact, while the first seven eliminations at the final table took only 28 hands, heads-up would last much longer, with the final pair battling for more than 70 hands!

During the latter part of that sequence, alienface#9 seized the chip advantage as the blinds moved up to 250,000/500,000. Then came the tourney’s final hand, coming about nine hours and 15 minutes after the event began.

In that one JCMSwag open-raised with the 4,967,956 he had left and after a bit of thought alienface#9 made the call. JCMSwag held K7 and couldn’t be too happy to see alienface#9’s K9. The board came 1081053, and it was alienface#9’s nine kicker that gave him the pot and the victory.

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Congratulations to alienface#9 for topping a field of 7,399 to turn $3.30 into more than $3.3K!

MicroMillions Event #17 ($3.30 No-Limit Hold’em) Results:
1st: alienface#9 ($3,380.92)
2nd: JCMSwag ($2,497.16)
3rd: Dissentio ($1,775.76)
4th: Gosugamer300 ($1,220.83)
5th: Peaches54 ($932.27)
6th: g4kinds ($710.30)
7th: Trey9191 ($488.33)
8th: Oganes011 ($266.36)
9th: Frajaja ($172.02)

Tons of MicroMillions action happening this weekend, with nine tourneys scheduled for Saturday and ten more on Sunday. Check out the MicroMillions page for details about all of the events.

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