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We’ve made much of the MicroMillions, the series’ tiny buy-ins, and the big guaranteed prize pools. If you haven’t seen our Tigger-like bouncing all over the PokerStars Blog, you probably haven’t been looking closely enough. We’re getting sort of caught up in the excitement. But, get this: there’s a lot more to the MicroMillions that little buy-ins and big guarantees.

Though the extra fun isn’t necessarily getting the biggest promotional push just yet, we’ve uncovered a few tidbits that might interest the MicroMillions players-to-be.

Player of the Series

We’ve made a small mention of this before, but it’s worth fleshing out a bit: Over the course of the MicroMillions series, PokerStars will be tracking the people who do well. The top 100 players over the course of the 100 events will win some serious prizes. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 1st place: Full 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package
  • 2nd-10th place: $1,000 ticket to SCOOP event
  • 11th-100th place: $109 SCOOP ticket
  • Deposit bonus

    Anyone who puts $30 or more into their PokerStars accounts between now and the end of March 14 using the code Micro30 will get a MicroMillions ticket worth $5.50. There are more than 25 MicroMillions events from which to choose. You could end up turning a small deposit into a giant bankroll.


    $50,000 Freeroll

    You might be tempted to think it’s some sick April Fools joke, but it’s not. Anyone who plays at least five MicroMillions tournaments will get a ticket to play a $50,000 freeroll on April 1. You could spend a few bucks on buy-ins and get into a $50,000 guaranteed tournament. It’s pretty much a no-brainer if you’re looking for added value.

    Winner’s hats

    A bunch of people have been asking what MicroMillions winners will get in addition to the money. We can now reveal that anyone who tops of a MicroMillions event will get one of a hundred exclusive MicroMillions champion’s caps.

    Your name in lights!

    Actually, not lights, but right here on on the PokerStars Blog. Over the course of this blog’s many years, we’ve covered WCOOPs, SCOOPs, and even recently a TCOOP. We’re very happy to now see the MicroMillions coming. Though it will keep our team awake around the clock for ten straight days, we’ll be reporting our tails off and covering all 100 MicroMillions final tables just as we would for all of the COOPS. We’ll make you internet famous before you’ve decided what to do with your winnings.

    If all of that isn’t enough to get you excited, I’d like to recommend you see a doctor and have your blood pressure checked. You may have a medical issue.

    In the meantime, head on over to our original PokerStars MicroMillions announcement for the full schedule. For full details on all the promotions, see the MicroMillions web page.

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