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It’s the final weekend of the MicroMillions series, and that can only mean one thing: It’s Main Event time!

Before you rush out and register, there’s a very special Freeroll taking place Saturday that’s well worth a go.

And aside from the Main Event, there’s plenty else to enjoy on the MicroMillions schedule this weekend. Let’s take a look.

Epic Freeroll

This one’s unmissable. On Saturday, you can gain entry to the MicroMillions Main Event for absolutely nothing.

Check out the Main Event Freeroll, running July 24. at 16:00 ET (20:00 WET). The Freeroll has a $50k prize pool, consisting of 2,273 entries to the $22 Main Event.

This is your one and only opportunity to satellite into the Main Event for free, so make sure you get involved.

Click “MicroMillions” then “MTT sats” in the PS lobby to find the freeroll. Then, check out PokerStars’ social media channels shortly before the event starts to find the password you’ll need to enter the freeroll.

MicroMillions Main Event

The MicroMillions Main Event is this Sunday, July 25.

This is what the series has been building up to. It’s the biggest and most lucrative event on the MicroMillions schedule.

The Main Event has a $22 buy-in with $1 million guaranteed prizes.

A generous blind structure makes this a two-day event, giving you plenty of chance to pick your spots and play your very best poker.

Aside from the Freeroll already mentioned, satellites are running from now until the event starts, with buy-ins for as little as $1.10.

Whether you win entry for free, satellite, or buy in directly, the MicroMillions Main Event is set to be an unforgettable experience – enjoy!


Secure your place in Phase 2

Phased tournaments are an awesome format. The MicroMillions Phase 2 is coming up on Monday, and has a whopping $250k gtd.

There’s still lots of opportunities to gain entry by playing $5.50 Phase 1 tourneys. They are running now and the last one takes place Jul 24. at 11:40 ET (03:40 WET).

Phase 1 tourneys run for 17 blind levels. If you survive, you’ll carry your chip stack over to Phase 2, where you play for your share of the $250k prize pool.

To find upcoming Phase 1s, Click the “MicroMillions” tab on the PS lobby, then “Phase 1s”.

MicroMillions highlight tourneys

Along with the Main Event, there are plenty of highlights to watch out for on the MicroMillions calendar this weekend.

The first is the Daily Highlight event for Saturday, and we have to agree it’s an exciting tourney. Omaha players rejoice, this one has a PKO format and decent prize pool:

  • MM97: $11 PLO (6-max, PKO), $40k gtd

The following tournaments all take place on Sunday, and provide relatively big prize pools for their buy-in levels:

  • MM104: $3.30 NLHE (PKO), $75k gtd
  • MM107: $11 Sunday Storm (PKO), $250k gtd
  • MM109: $5.50 (Deepstack, PKO, hyper), $60k gtd

The action doesn’t stop there. Monday is actually the last day of the MicroMillions series. If you’re still in the Main Event, you can play the following tourney to compliment your day two run. Either way, it provides one last chance to earn a title:

  • MM117: $11 Second Chance (turbo), $60k gtd

For players who like unusual variations of poker, the MicroMillions final weekend has lots of treats in store. You’ll find NLO8, PLO, 6-Card PLO, NL 5-Card Draw, Stud, HORSE, PL Badugi and even PL Courchevel, all still to come on the MicroMillions schedule (see full details below).

MicroMillions full weekend schedule

Here’s the full MicroMillions final weekend schedule, showing all games from Saturday to the end of the series:

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