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It’s the tournament series played by thousands. It’s the tournament series that makes finding loose change down the back of the sofa a potentially life changing act. It’s the tournament series for everyone. That’s right. MicroMillions is back.

MicroMillions is the tournament series that turns a few cents into a few thousand dollars, making it the ultimate low-stakes tournament championship.

If you need proof, then there’s the millions of dollars awarded in prize money to date, and all from buy-ins that start from as little as $0.11.


It basically means that whatever level you play at, this is the tournament series for you.

It all begins this Sunday, July 17 running through to Sunday July 31, with millions of dollars to be won over the course of the 90 events.

Ready to sign up for PokerStars and take part in MicroMillions? Click here to get an account.

In addition to prize pools there are some must-have Micro Millions prizes. Opening up the Challenges window in the PokerStars Lobby gives details of $35,000 worth of prizes to be won. There’s also a new feature to the championship, the “Last Man Standing” contest, with $1,000 to the player who cashes the most days in a row starting from day one.

All of this will be tracked on the MicroMillions homepage, along with championship results and statistics.

It all starts in three days from now. Loose change ahoy!

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley.

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