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Here’s some good news for low stakes players: MicroMillions returns this weekend.

There’s more than $2.6 million guaranteed, so chances are it’s going to turn some low stakes players into high stakes winners. Again!

In other words… play like a “high roller” without the need for anything but a micro-stakes bankroll.

So if your poker ambitions exceed the size of your bankroll, this is the series for you. Pick and choose the events you want to play, and when, and take part in a pretty packed week of poker that’ll level up your poker experience in about eight days.

Big Events to Start and Finish

The series kicks off big time with the $250,000 guaranteed Sunday Storm special edition. The buy-in will be a micro-sized $5.50, the second biggest guarantee of the series.

Perfect territory then for any aspiring player to step up and make the most of a golden opportunity. It’s a chance to prove something to yourself, but also to everyone else.

Eight days later the series wraps up with the biggest event of the week. It’s another special edition of the Sunday Storm, the Anniversary this time. Bit it also serves as the MicroMillions Main Event, with $1 million guaranteed and a buy-in of just $11.

Which we think makes it the best value tournament anywhere. But see for yourself in the graphic below.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s a near perfect chance to put the week’s experience to the test.

Those events bookend the series. But what fills the gap in between? Read on to find out…

Low Stakes Tournaments with High Stakes Prize Pools

What can you expect when MicroMillions starts this Sunday 19 April?

Take a look…

Level up your game in just a few days: MicroMillions 17 will take place over one action-packed week, rather than the usual two. It’s a single week devoted entirely to low stakes players. A chance to boost bankrolls for some, but also to rack up quality MTT experience for everyone.

Big events to suit your schedule: It’s never easy playing when the obligations of the real world (rightly) take priority. But the 101 tournaments on the schedule — up to 13 most days — make it easier. Chances are when you log in, whatever time you have, they’ll be a tournament ready to play. It’s also likely to suit your buy in, and time zone too.

Sunday Major-sized prize pools: It’s what players love most about MicroMillions — prize pools that wouldn’t look out of place in Sunday Majors. The biggest is the $1 million Main Event. But take a look at the graphic below to see what we mean about how they compare…

Who needs the Sunday Majors?

Play for Sunday Major-type prize pools for a fraction of the buy-in…

The types of tournaments you want to play: There’s Omaha, HORSE, Stud, Razz and more on the schedule. But if you’re strictly a hold’em players you will not be disappointed. There are 70 regular hold’em events, including KOs, Turbos and Hyper Turbos that won’t take all night to play. You can try one of three 6+ hold’em tournaments too.

Gain a ton of experience (then test it): MicroMillions structures allow you to play more, so you’ll get more for your micro-buy-in. Take the lowest. There are 30 events with buy-ins of just $1.10. And for the record, their combined guarantees add up to more than $220,000. Not a bad return.

Play a $1 million guaranteed event for just $11: MicroMillions ends with an event any player, whether they’re steeped in experience or brand new to the game, wants to play — the $11 Sunday Storm Main Event. Not only will it feature a life-changing first prize, but there won’t be a player in the world able to resist it.

It explains why MicroMillions is the richest low stakes tournament in poker.

The Tournament Series Everyone can Play

There’s more too. In a nutshell you can look forward to…

  • Tournaments in all formats, variations, and at buy-ins you can afford
  • Perfect opportunities to test yourself and improve your game
  • Same thrills of bigger events, without needing the bigger bankroll
  • A few dollars to compete for prize pools that usually cost hundreds to play for

See for yourself by checking out the full MicroMillions 17 schedule below, or getting more details on the MicroMillions homepage.

All times are Eastern Time (add five hours for UK, six hours for Europe). 

Date Start Time Event
19-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 01: $3.30 NLHE [8-Max], $20K Gtd
19-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 02: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $6K Gtd
19-Apr 14:00 MicroMillions 03: $5.50 NLHE [Progressive KO, Sunday Storm SE], $250K Gtd
19-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 04: $3.30 PLO [6-Max, Progressive KO], $20K Gtd
19-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 05: $3.30 NLHE [8-Max], $20K Gtd
19-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 06: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO], $10K Gtd
19-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 07: $5.50 6+ Hold’em [6-Max, Turbo], $10K Gtd
19-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 08: $1.10 NLHE [Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $4K Gtd
19-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 09: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max], $10K Gtd
20-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 10: $3.30 NLHE [Progressive KO], $20K Gtd
20-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 11: $1.10 Showtime NLHE [6-Max], $3.5K Gtd
20-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 12: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $4K Gtd
20-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 13: $5.50 NLHE, $20K Gtd
20-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 14: $3.30+R NLO8 [8-Max], $15K Gtd
20-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 15: $1.10 NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $5K Gtd
20-Apr 13:00 MicroMillions 16: $3.30 NLHE [Progressive KO], $50K Gtd
20-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 17: $5.50 HORSE, $10K Gtd
20-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 18: $5.50 NLHE [6-Max], $20K Gtd
20-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 19: $1.10+R NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], $18K Gtd
20-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 20: $3.30 Stud, $2.5K Gtd
20-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 21: $5.50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $15K Gtd
20-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 22: $3.30 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $8K Gtd
21-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 23: $3.30 NLHE [8-Max], $8K Gtd
21-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 24: $3.30 Razz, $3.5K Gtd
21-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 25: $5.50 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $20K Gtd
21-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 26: $3.30+R NLHE, $35K Gtd
21-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 101: $3.30 PL Badugi, $4K Gtd
21-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 27: $1.10 6+ Hold’em [6-Max], $6K Gtd
21-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 28: $1.10 NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO], $10K Gtd
21-Apr 13:00 MicroMillions 29: $5.50 NLHE, $50K Gtd
21-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 30: $3.30 PLO8 [6-Max], $10K Gtd
21-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 31: $1.10 NLHE [8-Max, Win the Button], $5K Gtd
21-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 32: $3.30 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO], $15K Gtd
21-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 33: $3.30 NL 5-Card Draw [Progressive KO], $3K Gtd
21-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 34: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max], $2.5K Gtd
21-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 35: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO], $15K Gtd
22-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 36: $5.50 NLHE, $12.5K Gtd
22-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 37: $3.30 8-Game, $3.5K Gtd
22-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 38: $3.30 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $8K Gtd
22-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 39: $1.10 NLHE [Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $7.5K Gtd
22-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 40: $3.30 NL 2-7 Single Draw, $3.5K Gtd
22-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 41: $5.50 NLHE, $25K Gtd
22-Apr 13:00 MicroMillions 42: $1.10+R NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Splash], $35K Gtd
22-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 43: $5.50 FLO8 [8-Max], $8K Gtd
22-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 44: $3.30 NLHE, $15K Gtd
22-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 45: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO], $25K Gtd
22-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 46: $1.10 PLO [6-Max, Turbo], $2K Gtd
22-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 47: $3.30 NLHE [3-Max, Progressive KO, Zoom], $8K Gtd
22-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 48: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo], $4K Gtd
23-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 49: $1.10 NLHE [4-Max, 3-Stack], $2.5K Gtd
23-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 50: $3.30 5-Card NLO8 [8-Max], $4K Gtd
23-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 51: $5.50 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive KO], $30K Gtd
23-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 52: $3.30 NLHE [8-Max], $12K Gtd
23-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 53: $1.10+R PLO [6-Max], $10K Gtd
23-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 54: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $5K Gtd
23-Apr 13:00 MicroMillions 55: $5.50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $75K Gtd
23-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 56: $5.50 FL 2-7 Triple Draw, $5K Gtd
23-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 57: $3.30 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Shootout], $12K Gtd
23-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 58: $1.10+R NLHE [Turbo], $15K Gtd
23-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 59: $1.10 Fusion [6-Max], $1.5K Gtd
23-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 60: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max], $10K Gtd
23-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 61: $3.30 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO], $12K Gtd
24-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 62: $1.10 NLHE [Heads-Up, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $4K Gtd
24-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 63: $3.30 PL 5-Card Draw [Progressive KO], $3.5K Gtd
24-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 64: $3.30 NLHE [Turbo], $8K Gtd
24-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 65: $5.50 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Win the Button], $25K Gtd
24-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 66: $3.30 FLHE [6-Max], $6K Gtd
24-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 67: $1.10 NLHE [8-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $5K Gtd
24-Apr 13:00 MicroMillions 68: $3.30+R NLHE, $75K Gtd
24-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 69: $5.50 NLO8 [6-Max, Progressive KO], $20K Gtd
24-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 70: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max], $25K Gtd
24-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 71: $1.10+R NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $15K Gtd
24-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 72: $3.30 8-Game [Turbo], $3.5K Gtd
24-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 73: $1.10 NLHE, $3K Gtd
24-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 74: $3.30 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO], $10K Gtd
25-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 75: $3.30+R NLHE [8-Max], $20K Gtd
25-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 76: $3.30 PLO8 [8-Max, Progressive KO], $8K Gtd
25-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 77: $5.50 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo], $10K Gtd
25-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 78: $1.10 NLHE [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Shootout], $4K Gtd
25-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 79: $3.30 6+ Hold’em [6-Max], $12K Gtd
25-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 80: $3.30 NLHE, $15K Gtd
25-Apr 13:00 MicroMillions 81: $5.50 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO], $75K Gtd
25-Apr 14:30 MicroMillions 82: $5.50 PLO [6-Max], $18K Gtd
25-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 83: $1.10 NLHE, $6K Gtd
25-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 84: $3.30 NLHE [3-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Zoom], $25K Gtd
25-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 85: $5.50 Stud Hi/Lo, $4K Gtd
25-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 86: $3.30 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $7.5K Gtd
25-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 87: $5.50 NLHE, $10K Gtd
26-Apr 05:30 MicroMillions 88: $5.50 NLHE [4-Max], $10K Gtd
26-Apr 08:30 MicroMillions 89: $3.30 FL 2-7 Triple Draw, $3K Gtd
26-Apr 07:30 MicroMillions 90: $1.10 NLHE [8-Max, Turbo], $3K Gtd
26-Apr 09:30 MicroMillions 91: $3.30 NLHE [Progressive KO], $50K Gtd
26-Apr 11:15 MicroMillions 92: $3.30 HORSE [Progressive KO], $8K Gtd
26-Apr 11:30 MicroMillions 93: $5.50 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $20K Gtd
26-Apr 14:00 MicroMillions 94: $11 NLHE [Sunday Storm SE, Main Event], $1M Gtd
26-Apr 15:00 MicroMillions 95: $5.50 Showtime NLHE [6-Max], $15K Gtd
26-Apr 16:00 MicroMillions 96: $1.10+R NLHE [Turbo, Zoom], $20K Gtd
26-Apr 17:30 MicroMillions 97: $3.30 NLHE [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO], $30K Gtd
26-Apr 19:00 MicroMillions 98: $1.10 PLO [Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Zoom], $2.5K Gtd
26-Apr 20:00 MicroMillions 99: $5.50 NLHE [Progressive KO], $12K Gtd
26-Apr 21:30 MicroMillions 100: $1.10 NLHE [4-Max, Hyper-Turbo], $4K Gtd

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