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Quick. Speedy. Fast.


Today’s MicroMillions Event #6: $4.40 NLHE Turbo, sure lived up to its name. Players registered quickly, made the money in a flash, reached the final table swiftly and played down to a winner at once.

That winner was JDRBaptista, and for his victory, he’ll take home $7,983.31 and a MicroMillions winner’s hat.

Despite winning it quickly, JDRBatista faced a difficult field.

When the tournament kicked off, around 9,900 players had registered for their shot at MicroMillions glory.

But late registration remained open for 60 minutes, and in that time, the floodgates opened. When the dust of early eliminations and late registration settled, the number of players nearly doubled to 18,474.

Much to JDRBaptista’s – and everyone else who cashed – delight, the near-doubling of the field also drastically increased the prize pool to $73,896.

This, according to science, was more than three and a half times the initial guarantee of $20,000. This followed today’s craze of micro-stakes players shattering every guarantee thus far, a trend that seems likely to keep up throughout the whole series.

Star-Studded Field

Micro-stakes players weren’t the only ones battling it out in Even #6 today. Several GoldStar, PlatinumStar and some Supernovas couldn’t pass on the value of the MicroMillions tournaments were offering today.

Even two PokerStars Team Pro players decided to take a shot at the $73,896 prize pool.
Victor Ramdin and Martin Hruby both registered and faced elimination early on today. Ramdin survived for about 30 minutes before he was eliminated in a very un-Ramdin way.

Early on, tokes77 raised from the cutoff and Ramdin decided to go all-in for 3,300. tokes77 made the call and showed AK, it was safe to say he was ahead of Ramdin’s 34.

The flop came A28, making things fairly interesting for Ramdin, but the turn was a 6, and a 10 on the river ruined Ramdin’s hope of a MicroMillions championship.

Hruby managed to hold on around 10 minutes longer. When Hruby went all-in, his chances at a double-up seemed good until…well… you might as well see for yourself.

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The Ever-Dwindling Field

As the turbo-charged blinds continued to increase, players continued to fall faster than any human – or low-quality computer – could count.

Only 2,475 out of the 18,474 players would make the money, and it took 2 hours and 7 minutes to make it to 2,476. The bubble lasted a total of three minutes while hands across the hundreds of tables wrapped up.

The unlucky bubble boy for this tournament was Chiro1982, a Croatian who missed out on a mincash of $6.65.

Players then continued to fall at a staggering rate, and within 4 hours, we were down to our last 100 players.

Soon after that, we found ourselves with 50 players and a few tournament millionaires. Our eventual champion, JDRBaptista, and a few other of our soon-to-be final table-ists also found themselves in the top 10 chip counts at this point.

When we got down to our final two tables, a few players began to win hand after hand and pulled away from the rest of the field.

Big Shots

One of these players was jason jiang. With 18 players left, jason jiang already found himself above average with 6 million chips, but a well-timed pair of kings against an opponent’s AQ pushed him past the 12 million mark.

After winning a few more hands, jason jiang then called an opponent’s 5.5 million chip all in with 1010. jason jiang’s pocket 10s were up against AK, and a coin flip ensued, a flip that jason jiang would win. With more than 20 million chips, jason jiang held a comfortable chip lead.

He continued to dominate his table until the final table bubble hit. jason jiang tried to keep his aggression going by continuously pushing all in, but one opponent was not intimidated.
PlatinumStar player Kubera007 called one of jason jiang’s all ins with a pair of sevens and won a flip against his KQ.

Kubera007 doubled his average stack to an above-average 10M. Then, the very next hand jason jiang pushed all in again…

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At the other table, sutely seemed to be dominating while a short-stacked JDRBaptista was struggling to stay in the game.

With 400,000/800,000 blinds and a 100,000 ante, sutely, with 11 million in chips, moved all in from the small blind. The only player left to act was JDRBaptista in the big blind, he decided to make the call.

sutely showed 48 and JDRBaptista showed a fairly stronger hand, AQ. The board came 106633 and JDRBaptista doubled to 11.8M.

JDRBaptista would then go on to knock out two players in a row, bringing his stack past the 20 million mark.

While JDRBaptista was busy making millions in order to win thousands, Kubera007 burst the bubble on the other table.

bloodlust07, who was near the top of the leader board for a while, found himself slowly getting chipped down by the massive blinds. At one point, he decided to move all in from under-the-gun with a pair of 8s. Kubera007 called from the big blind and showed a pair of aces.

There was no luck for bloodlust07 and he became the final table bubble, a finish worth $277.11.

The Final Table
With bloodlust07 out of the picture and only nine players remaining, the tournament was down to its final table. It looked something like this:


Seat 1: Kubera007 – 29,603,618
Seat 2: eeeemmmmm – 1,849,454
Seat 3: jason jiang – 6,160,472
Seat 4: Darenex – 5,750,728
Seat 5: sutely – 2,273,593
Seat 6: JDRBaptista – 24,600,416
Seat 7: Bastlgaan – 9,523,247
Seat 8: Tomstra – 5,964,656
Seat 9: brhhr – 3,493,826

Lightning Round

These players weren’t shy to put all their chips in the middle when they reached the final table. In the first 10 hands of play, there were five eliminations.

The first to go was the once-chipleader, sutely. In hand #2, the table shortstack, eeeemmmmm, moved all in from early position for about 1.7 million. sutely then re-shoved for 2.1 million and Tomstra called from the big blind.

The showdown looked a little something (read: exactly) like this:

eeeemmmmm: Q10
sutely: AQ
Tomstra: 109

The board came 8J6J9 and eeeemmmmm was awarded the main pot while Tomstra took whatever was left of sutely’s chips.

sutely became our first final table elimination and took home $443.37 for his 9th place finish.

Two hands later, Tomstra would be the one to find his tournament life at risk.
Bastlgaan raised to 2,550,000 from the cutoff and Tomstra move all in for his remaining 3,639,341. When Tomstra made his move, Bastlgaan immediately said, “thank you good luck all.”

When action folded back around to him, Bastlgaan made the call and showed KQ.

Tomstra seemed to be in good shape with AJ, but the flop fell 109J and Bastlgaan won with a straight.

Tomstra was eliminated in 8th place and won $665.06.

Just like clockwork, another player was eliminated two hands later. Again, it was eeeemmmmm who moved all in, but this time he did it from the small blind. jason jiang called from the big blind and showed A8, dominating eeeemmmmm’s A3.

The board was tame, devoid of any excitement or surprises and eeeemmmmm was knocked out in 7th place for $1,108.44.

If you guessed that the next elimination came two hand’s after eeeemmmmm’s, then you’re absolutely correct. Congratulations, you win the instant replay:

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brhhr was out in 6th place and won $1,847.40 to prove it. JDRBaptista, on the other hand, edged closer to Kubera007’s chip lead.

With so many players gone, Darenex found himself as the table short stack with only 3,725,718. Not wanting to wait any longer, he moved all in from under the gun only two hands after brhhr’s knockout.

Kubera007 called his all in with A3 and Darenenx’s J9 found no help on the 564210 board.

Darenex’s 5th place finish was worth $2,586.36 and a fair amount of bragging rights.

Slowing it Down

The next elimination took forever. A full FIVE hands passed until someone finally kicked the bucket in 4th place. You read that correctly, FIVE HANDS, it’s crazy, I know.

In those five hands, Kubera007 took a bite out of both Bastlgaan and jason jiang’s stack, putting him past the 40 million mark.

But while Kubera007 was nibbling away, JDRBaptista dealt jason jiang the finishing blow.

jason jiang moved all in from the small blind for 8.2M and JDRBaptista made the call.
jason jiang showed 52 and was dominated by JDRBaptista’s A5. Things looked bleak for jason jiang until…

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But then they went back to being bleak as jason jiang was eliminated in 4th place, earning $3,325.32.

After jason jiang’s elimination, JDRBaptista and Kubera007 traded a few blows. JDRBaptista managed to chip Kubera007 down to around 20M while his own stack grew close to 60M.

This made Bastlgaan the short stack with around 13M, but he wouldn’t be the one to shove.

Kubera007 moved all in from the button for 20,655,748 and Bastlgaan called from the big blind with his remaining 12M. Kubera007 showed AJ and seemed to be in good shape against Bastlgaan’s Q8.

But the flop would change all that.

The 7Q9 gave Bastlgaan top pair, but Kubera007 now had the flush draw. The turn and the river brought spades and Kubera007 missed his flush.

Kubera007 was now the short stack and needed to make a move. He decided to wait three hands to make it.

The next time he had the button, Kubera007 moved all in yet again, this time he showed Q7. It wasn’t as good as his ace-jack, but it was still ahead of JDRBaptista, who called with J10.

The flop fell 9K6, giving JDRBaptista the straight draw. The turn was a humble 3, while the river was a taunting Q.

Kubera007 made his pair but JDRBaptista hit his straight.

Kubera007 would leave the table in 3rd, adding $4,803.24 to the PlatinumStar Player’s already impressive online resume.

Ten for Five, Six for One

In the spirit of turbo-ness, JDRBaptista and Bastlgaan played a very quick heads-up match.

Six hands.

That’s all it took for JDRBaptista to knock out Bastlgaan and win the MicroMillions Event #6.

The first three hands only involved the passing around of blinds, but then Bastlgaan got frisky.

With 1M/2M blinds and a 250,000 ante, Bastlgaan called from the small blind. The flop fell 479 and JDRBaptista checked. Bastlgaan bet 2M and JDRBaptista made the call, bringing a Q on the turn.

Both players checked that street and a 5 came floating on the river. JDRBaptista decided to lead out for 4.675M and Bastlgaan made the call, showing 67.

While not much, Bastlgaan’s middle pair was good enough to beat JDRBaptista’s 62.

This hand pushed Bastlgaan up to 33M, while JDRBaptista dropped just under 60M.

Bastlgaan would continue to gain ground on JDRBaptista the very next hand, but this time, without a showdown.

From the button, JDRBaptista raised to 4.48M and Bastlgaan made the call. When the flop came 5A6, JDRBaptista decided to bet again, this time for 5.203M. But Bastlgaan wasn’t about to call again, this time he moved all in.

Faced with a 23M raise, JDRBaptista opted to fold.

The players now seemed set for a good heads-up battle. JDRBaptista held 49,290,352 and Bastlgaan worked his way up to 43,290,352.

But after folding from the small blind the next hand, Bastlgaan would find himself losing the last hand of the tournament.

This is it

JDRBaptista raised to 4.48M and Bastlgaan decided to raise to 12M. JDRBaptista had no problem sending a re-raise straight back and moved all in for 50,079,648.

Bastlgaan made the call and showed AK, a great starting hand that’s even greater heads up. But JDRBaptista also had a decent set of cards, he had a pair of jacks.

The 4107210 board was devoid of any aces or kings and Bastlgaan was eliminated in 2nd place, earning $6,281.16.

This made JDRBaptista the MicroMillions Event #6 Champion, a title worth $7,983.31, a MicroMillions winner’s hat and a few player of the series points.

Six events are done, but there’s still 94 to go.

MicroMillions Event #6 – $4.40 NLHE Turbo Results:

1st: JDRBaptista – $7,983.31
2nd: Bastlgaan – $6,281.16
3rd: Kubera007 – $4,803.24
4th: jason jiang – $3,325.32
5th: Darenex – $2,586.36
6th: brhhr – $1,847.40
7th: eeeemmmmm – $1,108.44
8th: Tornstra – $665.06
9th: sutely – $443.37

Check out the MicroMillions page for more information and see if there’s an event that fits your bankroll and schedule.

It might be your screen name decorating our next tournament headline.

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