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It is rare to enter a final table with the chip lead and take it to the winner’s circle, but netti.S1984 did just that. Netti.S1984’s lead was substantial at the beginning of the final table, more than two times the stack of the second place DonTrulli. Though competitors made solid efforts and took pieces of netti.S1984’s stack, nothing changed the chip leader status that was taken directly into heads-up play. Never faltering, netti.S1984 then won a substantial $17K to go with the prestigious tournament title.


In live tournaments, the rebuy scenario is quite exciting as players yell “rebuy!” and tournament staff hustle around the room to distribute more chips. In online poker, players don’t hear the actual rebuy requests, but they happen at a much greater rate of speed, making it just as exciting. And to be honest, the add-on period is much quicker and happens in the blink of an eye.

Today, the MicroMillions offered an $8.80 buy-in NLHE tournament with the rebuy and add-on options, and players were more than ready. When the 60-minute registration period was done, there were more rebuys in the prize pool than original buy-ins, and the prize pool more than doubled the original $50K guarantee. With no more chips to purchase, players settled into action and hopefully hours of play to garner one of the five-figure scores awaiting the last players standing.

The final tournament numbers were:

Players: 5,187
Rebuys: 5,448
Add-ons: 3,586
Guarantee: $50,000.00
Prize pool: $113,768.00
Paid players: 675

It took less than three hours to cut the field in half, and the money was reached before the five-hour mark. It happened when Faaalk became the bubble player in 676th place, and amory70 was the first person to cash for $38.68.

Of all the competitors in the tournament, only three wore the red PokerStars spade next to their names. Bryan Huang was the first of the group to exit the field, doing so in 2026th place. Team Pro Marcin “Goral” Horecki was able to squeak into the money and finish in 665th place, while Lex Veldhuis continued to stay strong well past that point. It wasn’t until near the seven-hour mark that Veldhuis exited in 71st place for $176.61.

Lex Veldhuis.jpg

After the eight-hour mark, there were only two tables remaining, and it was a slow road to the final table. It took more than 30 minutes to near the bubble play, and the 11th place elimination of Reitsovic prompted the start of hand-for-hand play. A few minutes later, Sessesseko risked it all with QQ against the [AC]2 of netti.S1984. The board came 5J5KA, and the river card gave netti.S1984 the winning hand, eliminating Sessesseko in tenth place with $682.60.

Solid lead for netti.S1984

In the last few minutes of Level 46, with blinds of 150,000/300,000 and a 37,500 ante, players took their seats at the final table with these stacks:

Seat 1: GamboGambler (2,236,728 in chips)
Seat 2: DonTrulli (10,435,256 in chips)
Seat 3: keniskes (9,435,768 in chips)
Seat 4: picnik75 (6,998,719 in chips)
Seat 5: tom41k (5,845,351 in chips)
Seat 6: ElTigreChino (8,274,450 in chips)
Seat 7: gantver (5,119,184 in chips)
Seat 8: oliver0013 (8,280,533 in chips)
Seat 9: netti.S1984 (23,444,011 in chips)

MM FT - Event 20.JPG

It didn’t take long for the action to heat up, and picnik75 took a shot at a double-up with 44 from the button. That all-in move was met by a quick call from original raiser DonTrulli, who held AA. The board of 88A103 only turned DonTrulli’s hand into a full house, and picnik75 had to leave the tournament in ninth place with $910.14.

GamboGambler started the final table with an early double-up through netti.S1984, and GamboGambler made another move a few hands later. After netti.S1984 made an initial raise, GamboGambler reraised all-in with A10. Keniskes came over the top all-in with AK, and netti.S1984 folded out of the way. The board of J5A27 gave both players an ace, but the king kicker played to send GamboGambler out in eighth place with $1,422.10.

Oliver0013 took a chance from middle position by moving all-in with A9, and netti.S1984 reraised all-in from the button to isolate. That worked, and netti.S1984 showed 99, which developed into two pair on the 4Q7Q6 board. Oliver0013 was eliminated in seventh place with $2,559.78.

Get your double-ups here!

It was the hour of the short stacks, as double-up attempts worked several times. ElTigreChino managed one through gantver, and but gantver reversed that and doubled back through. Gantver then doubled through DonTrullli, and tom41k did it through keniskes.

Tom41k may have pushed his luck by going for it again. After netti.S1984 made the initial raise UTG, tom41k reraised all-in with AQ. Netti.S1984 called with 33, and that pair held up to the 99K42 board. Tom41k had to leave in sixth place with $3,697.46.

Never mind about those double-ups

The exit of tom41k showed that double-up time was over. It was also evidenced when gantver made a move from the small blind with JJ, and netti.S1984 called from the big blind with A6. The board came 7Q610A, and the two pair beat the pocket jacks to eliminate gantver in fifth place with $4,835.14.

DonTrulli did manage to sneak in a double-up, at the expense of ElTigreChino, as shown here:

RSS readers click through to see replay

ElTigreChino moved all-in on the next ahnd with 109, and DonTrulli was along with QJ. The board of 7K10J4 gave DonTrulli the better pair, and ElTigreChino had to leave in fourth place with $6,427.89.

Keniskes managed a double-up through netti.S1984, and the next one secured a spot for keniskes in the final heads-up match:

RSS readers click through to see replay

After a few more rounds, DonTrulli finally risked it all with 86 from the small blind, and keniskes called from the big blind with a dominating AQ. Keniskes improved to two pair on the 233KQ board, and that left DonTrulli out in third place with $9,385.86.

Deal for heads-up players

The final two players paused the tournament after only two hands of action in order to discuss a deal. They agreed to these payouts, with $1,000 extra set aside for the ultimate winner:

Seat 3: keniskes (29,931,919 in chips) = $16,000.00
Seat 9: netti.S1984 (50,138,081 in chips) = $14,105.18

Netti.S1984 dominated the match, though keniskes took a few key pots to stay in contention. Down to less than 24 million, keniskes decided to risk it with A7, and netti.S1984 turned over J10. The flop of J42 gave netti.S1984 top pair, and nothing about the Q turn or 9 river changed that. Keniskes finished in second place with $14,105.18.

Netti.S1984 of Germany captured the MicroMillions title and an even $17K for the victory. Congrats!

MicroMillions Event #20 ($8.80+R NLHE) Results (reflects deal):

1st place: netti.S1984 ($17,000.00)*
2nd place: keniskes ($14,105.18)*
3rd place: DonTrulli ($9,385.86)
4th place: ElTigreChino ($6,427.89)
5th place: gantver (44,835.14)
6th place: tom41k ($3,697.46)
7th place: oliver0013 ($2,559.78)
8th place: GamboGambler ($1,422.10)
9th place: picnik75 ($910.14)

*Numbers based on a two-way chop with $1,000 added to winner’s money

The MicroMillions just began, but there are plenty more on the schedule with 100 tournaments in all. Check out the main page for all tournament and satellite information, as well as the Leaderboard and Statistics pages.

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