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“This is freakin’ awesome.”

That was among the first responses we got when we announced the first PokerStars MicroMillions yesterday. It came to us via our PokerStars Blog Twitter account from Hamilton, Ontario’s Maureen McCarthy.

“I’m taking my shot at the big score,” she said.

Now, we knew people were going to like this thing. Tiny buy-ins, huge prizes, 100 events, a $150,000 guaranteed first place prize in the main event, and a Player of the Series race that gives away a full prize package to the PCA? What’s not to like?

But, wow, McCarthy seemed really, really excited.

“So freaking excited,” she told the PokerStars Twitter account.

I tried to piece it together. First off, Maureen McCarthy and the MicroMillions have the same monogram. That’s enough to get some people all frothy. Secondly, McCarthy describes herself as a “dedicated micro playa.” If there was ever a tournament series for the micro playas, this is it.

Third…well, this is her Twitter image.


So, you see my point. Maybe it was just Ms. McCarthy.

But, no. It’s bigger than that. See, we’re still two weeks out from the MicroMillions starting and Event #1 has…wait for it…nearly 7,000 people registered already. The main event–still 25 days away already has nearly 300 people registered.

So, it’s not just the excitable Ms. McCarthy. It seems the poker world at large is ready for this 100-event tournament series. It makes sense. After years of watching big money tournament series on PokerStars, the micro-grinders were due some championship fun of their own. It’s a Festivus for the rest of us.

If you’ve not yet heard all you need to hear, head back to the PokerStars MicroMillions announcement yesterday. We have the full schedule and all the other details right there in that post.

Or, if you prefer, you can see the MicroMillions web page for full details.

In the meantime, hit us up on Twitter on the @PokerStarsBlog account. Show us how excited you are. We dig that kind of stuff.

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