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3:30am: Jain jumps ahead of Day 1d

Day 1 is officially done and dusted.

The last Day 1 flight has just concluded after 12 Levels of play. 430 players took part today for the biggest flight of the week, and approximately 109 survived until tomorrow.

It appears today’s chip leader is India’s Shashank Jain with a stack of around 171,000.

We’ll confirm everything along with a full recap of Day 1d soon at the PokerStars Blog.


Shashank Jain looks to be the end of day chip leader
3:15pm: Gimme five

The tournament clock has been paused.

We’re only five hands away from wrapping up the last Day 1 flight.

It’s been a record breaking night and before long we’ll know who leads the charge into the official Day 2. We’ll get you the full chip counts and field size when all the chips have been bagged up.

2:50am: Level 12 begins, blinds 1,000/2,000 (300)

2:45am: Final level almost upon us

We’re five minutes away from the last level of the night.

It’s getting late and the field is getting smaller with Level 12 set to begin.

Of the 430 initial entrants only 109 are still at the tables here. It won’t be long until we see how many manage to hold on, and what the total number of players returning for Day 2 tomorrow will be.

Stay with us for the home stretch of Day 1d!

2:30am: Speed it up a bit

All throughout the day we’ve seen complaints about people taking several minutes on somewhat basic spots, and many a clock has been called.

Recently APPT President Danny McDonagh specifically warned Table 10, which was the source of a lot of tanking, that they’d be getting the clock called on them if they persisted with slowing the game down.

In a hand just gone, Longwen Zhu was given another warning after taking close to five minutes when faced with a turn jam.

The board read 10QQ5 and, as mentioned, Zhu went deep into the tank. Eventually he tossed in the chips and when his opponent turned up AQ Zhu tried to muck.

He was informed that since it was an all-in situation he was obliged to show, and after taking another bit of added time, finally turned over A4.

Zhu was drawing dead before the inconsequential 2 even arrived.

2:10am: Level 11 begins, blinds 800/1,600 (200)

2:05am: Lin loses a flip

Recent addition to Team PokerStars Pro Chen-An Lin was eliminated recently when a coinflip didn’t go his way. Lin actually went out in a very similar fashion to teammate Bryan Huang.

From the big blind, Lin three-bet jammed his last 17 big blinds and was called to put the Team PokerStars Pro at risk.

It was Lin’s ace-king up against pocket jacks and once again the pair would hold to eliminate a Red Spade.

mpc23 day 1d chen-an.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Chen-An Lin earlier today
1:45pm: Payout information

It’s official! The Red Dragon has a total of 945 players which makes it the biggest summer Macau Poker Cup ever.

As for the payouts, 117 players will be taking home a piece of the HK$9,899,820 prize pool. You can check out the final table payout ladder below.

1st: $2,108,000
2nd: $1,239,520
3rd: $750,000
4th: $539,000
5th: $367,000
6th: $269,500
7th: $225,500
8th: $196,000
9th: $166,500

All prizes in HK$

1:30pm: And we’re back

The break is over and it’s time for Level 10.

Blinds are 600/1,200 with a 200 ante.

1:20pm: Last break of the night

The remaining 180 players are have stepped away from the tournament area for a 10-minute break.

1:10pm: Busto for Bryan

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang just hit the rail at the end of Level 9.

Huang said after he opened preflop, an opponent popped it up to 8,000 and the Team PokerStars Pro four-bet all in for around 18,000. The jam was called off and the cards were turned on their backs.

It was a flip with Huang holding ace-king against the other players pocket jacks but he was unable to improve, marking the end of his Red Dragon run tonight.

1:05am: Chip count update

Wen-Tao Wu – 45,800
Anthony Mak – 45,200
Raiden Kan – 34,200
Bryan Huang – 17,600
Chen-An Lin – 17,000

12:40am: Level 9 begins, blinds 500/1,000 (100)

mpc23 day 1d chips on red bull can.jpg

12:20am: Back to back for Mak

It looks like Anthony Mak is on a hot streak after disposing of one opponent before picking off a bluff in the very next hand.

The first hand saw him get it in good preflop with enough to cover his shortstacked opponent.

Mak: AQ
Opponent: J9

The board ran out 52QA8 with Mak improving to top two pair and climb to 28,400 in chips by eliminating the other player.

The second hand started with Mak opening the action from the hijack with a raise to 1,800 before the big blind defended and they saw a flop of Q2Q.

The big blind then took the betting lead and Mak called the 3,300 to continue. Both players checked the 6 turn and on the 10 river, the player in the big blind had a final stab at the pot for 5,000.

Mak didn’t take long to make the call with A9 and the hero call was good against his opponent’s 54.

12:00 am: Level 8 begins, blinds 400/800 (100)

11:50pm: Hu cracks cowboys

Han Hu just caught a lucky break to stay alive after getting it all in preflop for his last 5,925.

Hu: A9
Opponent: KK

Hu spiked an ace on the 9A8 flop and held through the 4 turn and 10 river to score a double up to around 13,500.

11:40pm: Battle of the blinds

Darren Judges just muscled his way through a battle of the blinds to scoop a decent pot.

His opponent raised to 1,200 from the small blind and Judges called from the big to see a flop of A92.

The raiser continued for 1,800 and Judges made the call. The K turn saw another bet of 3,200 and Judges moved all in over the top for a total of 10,525.

His opponent didn’t hesitate long before mucking and Judges added some much-needed chips to his stack.

11:30pm: Summer edition record

The record for the MPC Red Dragon Summer edition has been smashed!

We’re more than halfway through the night which means late registration is locked out. We’ve run the numbers and this is on record as the biggest Red Dragon at this time of year yet.

Tonight’s unofficial field of 430 added to the other Day 1 flight numbers, totals to 945, easily surpassing the previous record of last year’s 808 runners.

The 430 is technically unconfirmed but if it’s not spot on, it will only be a couple either way, solidifying the record-breaking field. We’ll give you confirmation as soon as we get it.

mpc23 day 1d trophy.jpg

11:20pm: Back to it!

Players have once again taken their seats as we enter the second half of the night for Day 1d.

It’s now Level 7 and blinds are 300/600 with a 75 ante.

11:10pm: Second break

Players have just moved away from the tournament area for their second scheduled break of the night.

Only roughly 310 still remain and they’ll be back to battle it out in 10 minutes.

10:45pm: The PokerStars family grows

Team PokerStars recently adopted two new additions to the family.

Familiar faces on the Asian poker circuit, China’s Yaxi Zhu and Taiwan’s Chen-An Lin are the newest Team Pros on the roster. Both look forward to assisting the growth of the game they love in the region and throughout the world.

Zhu and Lin joined the field and first donned their Red Spades this week for MPC23. You can read more about the two and their poker goals right here.

10:20pm: Charged up

We just discovered an interesting fact.

There have been 420 or so players who have entered the tournament so far tonight and between them they’ve consumed over 700 cans of Red Bull!

Red Bull is the official energy drink provider at PokerStars LIVE Macau and as such the team has provided cooler full of Red Bull and Red Bull Sugar Free throughout the poker room.

Players are welcome to help themselves and by all reports they certainly have been. With play expected to finish up at around 3:30am Red Bull might just give them the energy kick they need.

9:50pm: Level 5 begins, blinds 150/300 (25)

9:40pm: Bryan bombs the turn

After an early position raise from Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang, Wei Fah Leong called on the button before Rongrong Pan three-bet from the small blind to 1,400.

Both players called to see a flop of J4A.

Pan was first to act and checked her option to Huang who bet 1,800. Leong called but Pan tossed her hand away as the dealer turned the 5.

Huang then loaded up and continued for 5,900. Leong gave it some thought but eventually decided against it and Huang scooped the pot.

mpc23 day 1d bryan.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang enjoying himself at the table tonight
9:30pm: Four hundred and change

It’s Level 4 now and yesterday’s field has already been dwarfed.

The tournament screen currently reads 409 entrants but with some alternates yet to be seated that number should climb even higher.

With Day 1c bringing in a field of 272, the numbers today have been an impressive result. There’s also just under two hours of late registration yet so we’ll bring you confirmation on numbers when the tournament is locked out.

9:10pm: Back to the felt

Play resumes with Level 4. Blinds are 100/200 with a 25 ante.

9:00pm: First break of the night

Three levels down and players have stepped away from the tables for a 10-minute break.

We will have a field size update as soon as all of the alternates have been seated.

8:45pm: Shang stays alive

Ke Shen Shang found himself relatively short stacked and consequently all in on a flop of 863.

His opponent in the big blind, Juei Hsuen Hsu, called to put Shang at risk and players revealed their hands.

Shang: JJ
Hsu: Q8

Shang’s jacks were in front and he faded the five outer through the 5 turn and K river for a double up to 15,500.

The hand took Hsu’s stack down to 7,900.

8:35pm: Early exit for Zheng

Cai Zheng just hit the rail almost halfway through Level 3 after getting all in with an overpair against the flopped set of Wenyi Xue.

The board read 1023 and Zheng’s QQ were drawing thin against Xue’s 33.

The 4 turn and 8 river failed to bring a queen and Zheng found the exit as Xue chipped up to a total of 28,300.

8:20pm: Level 2 begins, blinds 100/200

mpc23 day 1d chips.jpg

8:10pm: Aces for Lin

The action started with a limp from middle position before Min Yi raised it up to 400 next to act. It folded around to Yi Che Lin on the button who three-bet to 1,350 in chips.

The limper got out of the way, Yi called and the flop came J8K.

Yi checked and Lin continued for 1,350. The bet was met with a call and the dealer turned the 4.

The 9 river peeled off and both players checked. Yi tabled AK for top pair top kicker but Lin had the hand trumped with the AA overpair.

7:45pm: Wu pushes

The board read 28J7 and Wei-Sheng Liu made it 2,200 to go. Meng Wu, who started the hand on the button, raised it up to 5250 and Liu opted to continue.

The dealer flipped the A river and after a check from Liu, Wu put his tournament life on the line with a jam for 7,025.

Liu checked his cards a couple of times and then decided to give the hand up.

7:40pm: Level 2 begins, blinds 50/100

7:30pm: Chen chips up from champ

James Chen just won a pot from man who won this very event in August last year, Zhenru Xie.

With the board reading 5375 Zie led for 775 before Chen put in a raise to 2,200. The move forced Xie to give it some serious consideration.

Xie spread out his chips and gave a quick count before finally throwing his hand away.

7:15pm: Notables names

A quick scan around the room and you can see it’s already a field full of familiar faces.

Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang and Chen-An Lin are among the action, as are former Red Dragon champions Terry Fan and Raymond Wu, Macau regular Raiden Kan, and we also spotted Aaron Lim waiting on the rail as an alternate.

We’ll keep you updated if we spot anyone else you may know at the tables!

7:00pm: Cards in the air

Day 1d is officially underway!

By the looks of things we’re in for a busy night.

We already have alternates for this event and with a long line still at the registration desk this flight is guaranteed to be our biggest.

Just like the last three, this flight will consist of 12 40-minute levels with late registration open for the first four hours of play.

Blinds start at 25/50 and stacks at 15,000. Let’s get to the action!

Welcome to Red Dragon Day 1d!

It’s about 45 minutes away from the start of the fourth Day 1 flight here and the room is packed out with players registering the Red Dragon and railing the HK$5,000 event.

Yesterday saw 272 in the hunt for the best looking trophy in poker and today is expected to attract an even bigger field. You can find a full recap of Day 1c here before Day 1d kicks off at 7:00pm.

We’ll have everything you need to know right here at the PokerStars Blog so stay with us!

mpc23 day 4 intro.jpg

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