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9:20pm: Mighty Mu

And that’s the end of day 2.

A shorter day today, Day 2 consisted of six one-hour levels of play. To start the day it was the 213 survivors from Day 1 flights, now it looks like approximately 49 still remain.

Leading the way appears to be China’s Kejian Mu with 1,006,000 in chips. We’ll check all the numbers and confirm everything momentarily.

mpc23 day 2 room shot.jpg

9:10pm: Not long now!

The tournament clock has been paused as players prepare for the final few hands of the night.

We’ve seen a horde of eliminations today as 213 became approximately 49. We’ll have the full chip counts, as well as a rundown of the day, right here very soon.

Stay tuned!

8:45pm: Lu can’t hold on

The flop came down Q2K and Lin Lu moved all in for his last 60,000 into a roughly 100,000 chip pot.

The decision fell on Jingrong Ji who went deep into the tank. An impartial player tried to call the clock but a tournament staff member said he had been watching the hand and called that Ji hadn’t had long enough to act.
Ji ultimately did call and the cards were turned up.

Lu: JJ
Rong: AQ

Lu was in trouble against Rong’s pair or queens and couldn’t be saved through the 7 turn and 5 river. Rong improved to a flush on the end and collected the pot as Lu was eliminated.

For his 52nd place finish Lu was rewarded HK$33,500.

8:20pm: Level 18 begins, blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000)

8:10pm: More for Mu

Kejian Mu just scooped another pot. This time he did it while eliminating Yuki Toyoshima.

Mu raised the button to 16,000 and when it got to Toyoshima in the big blind, he made a triangle with his hands to signal the all in. The shortstack was snapped off by Mu and the cards went on their backs.

Mu: A3
Toyoshima: KQ

Mu had the slight edge before the interesting A55 flop. Toyoshima was now chasing diamonds but Mu had the lead with aces and fives. The 10 also brought Toyoshima a shot at Broadway but the 9 river meant his tournament was over.

Toyoshima finished in 62nd place for HK$31,500 while Mu extended his lead to 790,000.

7:50pm: Big stacks clash

Two of the biggest stacks left in the field just had a confrontation which resulted in a bit of an anticlimax.

The player under the gun raised to 12,000 and Longwen Zhu came along before chip leader Kejian Mu made it 27,000 to go. The initial raiser folded but Mu called and the flop landed 4AQ.

Zhu decided to lead at this point but Mu bumped it up again to 46,000. Zhu called and the dealer turned the 10.

After a long pause Zhu checked his option and then called when Mu made a bet of 85,000. The river landed the Q and both players checked.

Zhu tabled J10 and Mu flipped up 106 to reveal they were chopping. The two appeared to have some heated words in their native tongue as the dealer divided the pot.

mpc23 day 2 kejian mu.jpg

Current chip leader Kejian Mu
7:35pm: Leaders emerging

It appears the runaway chip leader at this point has snuck up on us.

China’s Kejian Mu has been running over his table and has amassed a huge stack during the later part of the day.

Currently sitting on around 700,000 chips he has more than triple the average of 225,000. By a quick look around the remaining eight tables Mu seems to be close to 200,000 clear of any other runner at this stage.

Some of the other big stacks include Longwen Zhu with roughly 500,000 and Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose on 460,000.

7:20pm: Level 17 begins, blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000)

7:10pm: 10 minutes on the rail

The remaining 71 players have just commenced their second scheduled break of the night.

They’ll return in 10 minutes for the final two levels of the day.

7:00pm: Liu loses some

Zoe Liu just took a hit after a bad beat cost her close to half her stack.

Liu jammed preflop and after taking quite a while her opponent called to put himself at risk.

Liu: JJ
Opponent: 88

The jacks were in front and the Q10J flop saw Liu let out a cheers as she improved to a set. Her opponent was still alive, however, with a gut-shot straight draw. He called for a nine and bricked the 6 but the 9 river rolled off to save his tournament life.

He proceeded with quite an audible celebration while Liu shipped him 76,500 from her stack.

6:40pm: From mountains to molehills

India’s Shashank Jain was the chip leader coming into today, so it was somewhat of a shock when he was recently eliminated from the tournament.

Jain got his money in good with AQ against his opponent’s AJ and looked good for a double up.

That was until he saw the jack in the window on the 6AJ flop. The 10 turn brought some added home with a Broadway sweat but the 10 paired the board with his opponent’s aces and jacks ahead to scoop the pot.

Jain finishes in 86th place for HK$25,500.

MPC23 Day 1d Jain.jpg

The recently eliminated Shashank Jain
6:25pm: Bust-out bonanza

With the bubble bursting, all of the shortstacks that were holding on for a payday have now lost their inhibitions.

The tournament floor is madness at the moment with the flurry of eliminated players scrambling for a tournament official to give their details to.

It looks like around 76 are still in the running here. We’ll have an update on field count and where the eliminated players finished when it comes to hand.

6:10pm: Level 16 begins, blinds 2,500/5,000 (500)

6:00pm: Almost half way

As promised we have a short day in store today and we’ve almost reached the halfway point. Play is scheduled to finish at 9:20pm before the MPC Players Party tonight.

Here are a few of the bigger stacks going in to Level 16.

Longwen Zhu – 260,000
Kosei Ichinose – 247,000
Zoe Liu – 210,000
Victor Chong – 185,000

5:40 Bubble bursts almost instantly

As soon as hand for hand play was announced Chengtao Sun found himself the centre of attention with his shortstack at risk.

Sun was all in preflop for his last 20,500 and in rough shape to stay alive.

Sun: 55
Opponent: 99

Sun was chasing a five but when the J98 flop came down he was already halfway out the door. He was summoned back to the table as the 7 turn brought a potential chop but the 4 river sealed his fate as this Red Dragon’s bubble boy.

The tournament floor erupted in cheers and clapping as the remaining 117 players were guaranteed HK$23,500 for their efforts.

mpc23 day 2 bubble.jpg

Chengtao Sun out of his seat and ready to accept his fate
5:35: Hand for hand

It’s been confirmed there are only 118 players remaining, and with 117 places paying, the tournament is now hand for hand until the bubble bursts.

5:25pm: Liu fights back

Day 1b chip leader Zoe Liu just sent an opponent to the rail after a preflop confrontation.

The player made an early position open to 12,000 before Liu three-bet jammed to roughly 140,000 with enough to cover the raiser. He deliberated for a few moments and then called off for his tournament life.

Liu: AK
Opponent: 1010

It was a flip and Liu whiffed on the Q62 flop but the turn brought the A. She let out a cheer and the J river meant the pot was sent her way.

Liu now hovers just under 200,000 in chips.

5:10pm: Break over; blinds up

The players have taken their seats and the cards are back in the air.

Blinds are now 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante.

5:00pm: First break

We’re two hours in and the 135 remaining players have left the tournament floor for their first break of the day.

Play resumes in 10 minutes.

4:45pm: Jacks end Im’s run

Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im was just eliminated by way of a coinflip.

Im’s ace-queen couldn’t improve against an opponent’s pocket jacks. She took to Twitter to inform her followers.

“#MPC23 M.E Busto AQ < JJ . Team event time!@PokerStarsMacau…”

mpc23 day 2 vivian im.jpg

Recently eliminated Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im
4:35pm: Chong chipping up

Victor Chong looks like he may have taken an early lead here today after beating Day 1b chip leader Zoe Liu in a recent pot.

The board read 106477 and Chong, first to act, led the river for 30,000. Liu have it some thought before calling to see she was behind.

Chong held 89 for a turned straight and Liu tapped the table and conceded the pot. That takes Chong up to over 200,000 and drops Liu down to around 70,000.

4:25pm: Huang hangs around

Hansh Huang just found a double up after pushing for his last seven big blinds.

The player on the button isolated with a re-jam for 46,500 and with everyone else out of the way the two revealed their hands.

Huang: AK
Opponent: A8

The board ran out 359Q10 and Huang kicker played brining him up to around 44,000 in chips.

4:15pm: Fan finds a triple up

The action began when Xin Fan moved all in for his last 35,500 from early position.

It folded around to Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose who made the call from the small blind before Andrew Lam moved all in over the top in the big for 62,000 more.

Ichinose called it off and players tabled their cards.

Fan: AJ
Ichinose: AK
Lam: AK

Fan was chasing a jack to keep his tournament life alive and the J47 flop delivered. He was able to fade a king on the 4 turn and 9 for a big triple up.

The bad beat took Ichinose down to 151,500 and left Lam on 62,000.

4:00pm: Level 14 begins, blinds 1,500/3,000 (500)

3:45pm: Early chip leaders

Here’s a quick note of some of the big chip stacks to start the day off.

Shashank Jain – 171,400
Zhe Zhang – 164,400
Saehoon Lee – 158,900
Anek Phithaksinghsakul – 158,400
Longwen Zhu – 156,200
Yuefeng Pan – 154,000
Yidong Yang – 149,600
Yuki Toyoshima – 146,000

MPC23 Day 4 random.jpg

3:30pm: Im chips up

Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im just sent Wenyi Xue to the rail and earned some much-needed chips.

Im held jacks against ace-four on a board of 674510 which were good enough to scoop the pot for an effective double up. The Team PokerStars Pro moved up to around 54,000 in chips.

3:20pm: Smiley says goodbye

The action folded around to Fang-kai ‘Smiley’ Yang on the button who jammed for his last 24,300. Zenya Yamamoto called from the small blind and the cards were turned on their backs.

Yang: Q5
Yamamoto: KJ

Yang was behind but live until the KKQ flop had him all but out the door. The 9 turn 2 confirmed the elimination and Yang was one of our first casualties of the day.

3:00pm: Let’s go!

Day 2 is officially a go.

The blind level duration has been extended from 45 minutes to 60 minutes but with only six levels on the schedule for today we’re in for a shorter day here.

The average stack is currently 65,549 and blinds continue at 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante.

It’s time for Day 2!

Day 2 is upon us.

The Red Dragon continues today with people now wandering in to PokerStars LIVE before we get underway.

The four Day 1 flights attracted a field of 945 total entrants but now only 213 remain. They’ll play through six one-hour long levels today.

The current chip leader is India’s Shashank Jain who finished play on Day 1d with a stack of 171,400. You can find a full rundown of yesterday’s action here before we kick off at 3:00pm.

Stay with us for all your live reporting needs!

MPC23 Day 2.jpg

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