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Day 2 is a wrap!

The room here at PokerStars LIVE Macau is now dying down for the night after the conclusion of the MPC23 Red Dragon Day 2.

Today promised to be shorter than the Day 1 flights with only six one-hour levels to play through. There were 213 who hit the felt this afternoon but only 48 will return for the official Day 3 tomorrow.

Of those 48 it’s China’s Kejian Mu way out in front. He finished the day on a monstrous 1,006,000 well ahead of Korea’s Jiwan Park in second place on 722,000. Mu appeared to have a quiet start to Day 2 but steamrolled home in the later stages to establish himself as chip boss.

mpc23 day 2 wrap.jpg

End of Day 2 chip leader Kejian Mu
Along with the usual poker action, today was exciting for another reason.


Today was where the bubble would burst and 117 lucky players would guarantee a return on their investment. It ended up being an extremely short time on the bubble, with Chengtao Sun finding himself all in and at risk the very next deal after hand for hand play was announced.

Sun was in rough shape with 55 against an opponent’s 99 and began to leave the tournament area as soon as he saw the J98 flop. The 7 turn gave him a shot at a chop but the 4 river solidified that he was the MPC23 Red Dragon bubble boy.

And then the floodgates opened. All-in after all-in was announced across the tournament floor as those who had been holding off for a payday were then free to gamble.

With only 48 surviving the day, there were a lot of Day 2 casualties. Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im was one that couldn’t hold on today. She lost a flip with ace-queen against pocket jacks to find the rail earlier in the afternoon. The start of Day chip leader Shashank Jain also fell by the wayside. He ultimately got it in good with ace-queen against ace-jack but was eliminated when his opponent spiked a jack and had him covered.

Team PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose was the only one of his teammates to survive through to Day 3. Ichinose bagged up 228,000 at the conclusion of play and starts tomorrow in 31st place.

mpc23 day 2 wrap kosei.jpg

Teams PokerStars Pro Kosei Ichinose
MPC23 Red Dragon Day 2 Top Ten

Kejian Mu (China) – 1006000
Jiwan Park (Korea) – 722000
Nikhil Maheswari (India) – 615000
Huafeng Gu (China) – 567000
Jingrong Ji (China) – 507000
Shao Po Liu (China) – 491000
Yuefeng Pan (China) – 461000
Jongmin Park (Korea) – 438000
Saehoon Lee (Korea) – 431000
Chen Zhang (China) – 428000

Click here for Day 3 seating draw

And that’s all she wrote for today.

Day 3 kicks off on Thursday from 3:00pm where players battle it out on the penultimate day. Who can survive to the final table and have a shot at winning the HK$2,108,000 top prize and prestigious Red Dragon title?

Find out this week right here at the PokerStars Blog.

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