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by Nick Wealthall
Apparently it takes a day for every time zone you travel through to recover from jet lag. Well I must have popped around the world a couple of times because this trip back from Vegas kicked my butt. I don’t think it helped that I went straight to the UKIPT in Brighton and managed not to sleep for more than about five hours for two weeks but still. Several times I’ve been up before 8.30am and that just wont do!

Brighton was great – the Rendezvous is a super place to play and did the tour proud. It’s also a cool place to be generally although it’s many times cooler during the week than the weekend when the hordes from London descend.

Congrats to Jamie Burland on his victory.

ukipt brighton_day 3_winner.jpg

Jamie Burland

* * * *

Final WSOP fantasy game standings… Kara Scott 45pts / Matt Broughton 37 pts / Me 17 pts.

I suck. I’ve been let down. Kathy Liebert needs to have a serious word with
herself, frankly. It’s the last time she lets me down.

* * * *
I’ve had a shocking month on the playing poker side of things. It involved a couple of weeks of barely winning a significant pot and then some time where variance kicked my backside. The last few days I’ve been playing well though and my PLO game is looking better so we’ll see. Still running horribly on the year making small profit online when it should be a decent one; thank goodness for live tourneys. Never thought I’d say that.

* * * *

Did you see Inception yet? It’s basically a very well done heist thriller covering up a story about the lead character’s love and loss and it demands to be seen, it’s just so well done. Amazing Nolan isn’t lauded here – we’ve produced a Steve Spielberg equivalent and you barely see anything on him.

That’s all my bits for now. Later skater.

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