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by Nick Wealthall, UKIPT Tour Host

This time tomorrow I’ll be playing the main event of the World Series of Poker. As a poker fan and player it simply doesn’t get any better than this. The anticipation is amazing and every single player of the 7,000+ feels the same thing that maybe, just maybe it could be them this year.

I need to point out it’s thanks to the lovely people at PokerStars. I’m super, super lucky to be put in to the event and I’ll try and do it justice. I have to be honest in future years if I don’t have a sponsor I’ll be spending money to play; it’s that much fun!

Last year I was so excited after a 15-year wait to play it, and ridiculously the reality didn’t let me down. Day 2 when I quickly cashed out was disappointing but day 1 was unreal. The buzz in the room is unique in poker and I won’t try and do it justice by writing about it – you just have to do it once in your life some how, some way. Suffice to say it’s the only time I’ve been nervous at a poker table – or at least for 15 years!

This year I’ll be excited but not nervous and I don’t think I’ll have any problem playing well from the start. The key to day 1 is table draw. The Series is so random because the field is so huge – you can get two tough players to your left and have an impossible day or get a field of first time casual players and have lots of lovely free money to pick up…I’ll know how well I’m running from the line up just a few moments into tomorrow!

Anyway, I know how lucky I am and for one of the few times in life tomorrow there really won’t be anywhere else on earth I’d rather be.

There won’t be much sleep tonight!


Last year’s WSOP winner, Joe Cada

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