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So the Nottingham UKIPT was bordering on the nuts. 1058 players for a new UK live poker tournament record field and this with a 500 buy in which is not a lot in the poker world but is a lot to the casual player. I was amazed and delighted to see the lines out the door on the first morning.

Now that the tour is in its second year and on Channel 4, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same situation at each event. This tour will take over the world–okay the UK and Ireland. I won’t be resting until we have 10,000 players at the O2 arena with live coverage instead of the News at 10 on the tv.

I got lucky at the pokers in Nottingham. There was a charity poker tournament as we have at many of the UKIPT stops and I got super lucky to win it. Having said that I did start trying after a couple of hours and really the others shouldn’t have bothered going through the motions of playing and just conceded defeat. The final table was full of banter and I used my superior skills to get dealt pocket aces four times. If I was a less grateful person I would ponder how that happens in a UKIPT charity event and not the WSOP main, but still.

Anyway I was able to make nice donations to the charity the tournament was run for, Help 4 Heroes, and to Barnardo’s which is my fave charity through my sister who is running the marathon for them. It’ll be her third marathon for charity — she’s a super star. Barnardo’s is awesome in every way and brilliantly run (up to 95% of donations goes to children in difficulty).


Finally it’s Oscar night tonight. The Oscars are odd. They are utterly awful. Boring, predictable, becoming more predictable every year with the winners predetermined by previous awards shows and absolutely no reflection on the merit of each film. And yet they are somehow captivating and I still pull for the films I want.

To me Toy Story 3 and Inception were the best films of the year, closely followed by True Grit and The Social Network. It looks like being one of those years where a film will win and then people will look back and be baffled by how it beat the other quality films that year. I like King’s Speech but it’s disposable tea time entertainment due for Sunday 5pm screenings on the BBC for the rest of time. Oh, and for Nolan not to be nominated for best director at the expense of Aronofsky and his self-important Black Swan mess is a ruddy travesty.

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