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The Michigan Classic, Pennsyl-MANIA, and the New Jersey Classic
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As the rest of the world begins SCOOP-ing, the three PokerStars US sites each put on special events of their own over the weekend.

Across the three tournaments, players won more than $1 million.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened on PokerStars Michigan, PokerStars Pennsylvania, and PokerStars New Jersey over the last two days.

First Michigan Classic awards $500K, ‘moneydijon’ takes title and $76K

Michigan online poker is still in in infancy, to be fair. That said, the kid has shown us something already.

PokerStars MI first launched in late January, and soon after the inaugural Michigan Championship of Online Poker drew huge fields and created over $2.2 million worth of prize pools.

Next up was the Michigan Classic, a two-day, $300 buy-in tournament with a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The Michigan Classic at PokerStars MI

There were an incredible 1,551 entries in the event.

In the end “moneydijon” mustered up a victory, claiming a huge $76,319.05 first prize on just one entry.

Pennsyl-MANIA awards $413K, champ ‘throwitinthebag’ wins $63K

Meanwhile over in the Keystone State the fourth running of Pennsyl-MANIA played out on Sunday and Monday at PokerStars PA.

Pennsyl-MANIA on PokerStars PA

This, too, was a $300 buy-in event, in this case featuring a $400,000 guarantee. Ultimately the tournament attracted 1,416 total entries, pushing prize pool up to $413,280 all told.

In the end “throwitinthebag” bagged the title and claimed a top prize of $63,084.

New Jersey Classic awards six figures, ‘newport_kangbaz’ chops, wins $17K

Finally on PokerStars NJ it was another running of the New Jersey Classic.

The New Jersey Classic on PokerStars NJ

This was a $500 buy-in tournament with a $100,000 guarantee.

In the end there were 178 entries with “newport_kangbaz” stapled down the title to win over $17,300 following a heads-up deal with “Zenon9000” who took away the same amount.

All in all, players took away just over $1 million in the three events!

Players in all three states should keep an eye out for more special tournaments and series on all three sites.

Are you a poker player in Michigan? Click here to learn more about PokerStars MI.

In Pennsylvania? Click here for more information about PokerStars PA.

New Jersey? Here is where to find information about PokerStars NJ.

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