Tuesday, 30th May 2023 20:57
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It’s as good as impossible to check up on the players at the moment. With such a good showing from the local Irish players, as well as some exceptionally well supported British, the basement resembles a queue for free candy at an elementary school. They’re a rabble.

Nonetheless, here are the latest chip counts of the eleven nine players remaining.

David Pomroy (UK) – 600,000
Pete Haslam (UK) – 360,000
Joe Rafferty (Ire) – 350,000
John Kalmar (UK) out in 10th (€11,900)
Mats Gavatis (Swe) – 320,000
Michael Greco (UK) – 240,000
Michael O’Sullivan (Ire) – 190,000
Jonas Molander (Swe) – 135,000 – PokerStars qualifier
Jim Read (Ire) – 130,000
Noah Boeken (Neth) – out in 11th (€11,900)
Henric Olander (Swe) – 75,000

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