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Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot is one of the top ranked players in the world, with lifetime scores of over $6.3 million. He’s also a two time Stadium Series champion, and one of the standout players of the series.

Talbot first took down the Stadium Series $2,100 Weekly Final, earning his biggest ever score of $261,489. He continued his hot run and, less than a week later, claimed first place in Heat 29-H, adding a further $61,292 to his total.

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton caught up with Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot to celebrate his epic double and pick his brains on a potential return to Twitch poker. Here’s how it went down:

James: Right now we are joined by two times Stadium Series champion Parker Talbot, aka “Tonkaaaa”. Hello again, Congrats again on two big scores in one week. So we’re rebranding. It’s “Team Somewhat Lucky” now right?

Parker Talbot: “Team Sometimes Lucky”, that’s what we used to always say on stream, you know. The one time a week where we’d actually get lucky, I’d say “Team Sometimes Lucky”, so I guess this week we definitely qualify as a “sometimes lucky” I would say.

James: Last night’s PKO happened ridiculously fast. We could hardly keep up! What do you put that down to?

Parker Talbot: I mean you guys watched it right, it was literally just insane luck. I like to think along the way I didn’t make too many mistakes, but I got Queens in against Jacks two times, and AQ that one time and it just held. It was the smoothest run I think I’ve ever had. I’ve had smooth runs like that before, but definitely not at these stakes as well.

Joe: What was your reaction when that was happening. If I were you, I would have been giggling for like an hour.

Parker Talbot: Yeah that’s it, I was giggling. That’s all you can do in that situation. I said in the chat once when I got Queens versus Jacks again, “alright let’s make this quick” and it literally was under two hours as well. It was over and I was like “holy **** that’s been like an hour and 40 minutes of play or something”. It must have been one of the fastest Day 2s.

Joe: Do you ever worry that you’re just not going to hit a set for the next month because you had like six in a row yesterday?

Parker Talbot: Laughs. No, because I played the rest of yesterday and I’ve never hit as many sets as I did. Yesterday was unbelievable, it just didn’t stop.

Joe: Speaking of the rest of yesterday, what is next for you? Are you gonna stay off streaming, are you going back to streaming? Everybody has to know!

Parker Talbot: I’m gonna mix in a couple of streams. I’m still not gonna commit to any big schedule at the moment, but I am going to do a couple streams in the next few weeks for sure, at least one with Spraggy, and I’m not sure who else will join, Fintan maybe. But I committed to doing at least one with Spraggy, so I’ll do that, and hopefully I’ll do another session at some point too. So yeah, nothing permanent, but l’ll mix in a couple of streams here and there, and go from there.

Joe: Good to hear it, because Twitch poker is blowing up right now, you know obviously it’s breaking all kinds of records, it’s in the top of the Twitch directory right now. What do you attribute that to and why? Is it Lex?

Parker Talbot: Haha, I was going to say I saw Lex’s Tweet that the poker listing got six figures for the first time. But yeah Lex, and everybody along the way, for sure yeah. The consistency of Spraggy and Fintan too, and all the top steamers for the last two years is just out of control. I had my time too, but I guess that’s behind me.

James: Yeah, this has been a very fun series to watch. Obviously it’s been an amazing series for you. Congratulations again on the double result this weekend. Hopefully we’ll see you again at the table soon.

Parker Talbot: Cheers boys!

You can keep and eye out for Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot on his Twitch poker channel.

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