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Nick Yunis promised the story would get better, and it did.

The man who won a satellite entry to the PCA $25,000 High Roller last night, busted out in the first three levels today and then won a last-minute single table satellite to get back in and finish Day 1 with the chip lead.

Yunis’ 407,100 stack is the best of the 56 players remaining in the event tonight.


Nick Yunis

Yunis’ story is one for the books to be sure, but if there was another equally unlikely tale today, it came in the form of multimillionaire venture capitalist and amateur poker player Bill Perkins. The man from Houston, Texas has been trying his hand at high stakes poker and seems to have found a foothold in this event. His 345,700 is good for second place headed into Day 2.


Bill Perkins

There are not a great many poker players in the world who can afford to casually sign up for a $25,000 buy-in poker tournament. There are even fewer who can afford to rebuy if they bust out early. Most of those people are on Paradise Island this week. One hundred forty-one of them showed up today. Seven of them bought in twice.


This field highlights poker’s elite: former PCA champions, WSOP title-holders, Team PokerStars Pro, a multimillionaire amateur, and some of online and live poker’s greatest high stakes specialists. That is to say, if we were to list the notable players, we’d be listing the entire remaining field (which, by the way, you will find on the Chip Counts tab of our $25,000 High Roller coverage). With that understood, still contending for the title tonight are several members of the PokerStars family.

  • Jonathan Duhamel (WSOP champion and Team PokerStars Pro) 226,300
  • Pierre Neuville (Team PokerStars Pro) 150,700
  • Ville Wahlbeck (Team PokerStars Pro) 128,600
  • Barry Greenstein (Team PokerStars Pro) 83,000
  • Joe Cada (WSOP champion and Team PokerStars Pro) 91,400
  • Randy Lew (Team PokerStars Online) 25,600
  • wrap_barry_greenstein_high_roller_day1.jpg

    Barry Greenstein


    Randy Lew


    Jonathan Duhamel

    Tomorrow (or let’s be honest….later today), the top 16 will make the money on the way to Saturday’s final table of eight. Whoever comes out on top will win $1,134,930.

    During the 15 hours we spent on the clock today, we managed to find a ton of great stories around the big event. Here’s a rundown of all of them:

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  • Ville Wahlbeck’s quads
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  • Two world champs and a McLovin
  • Also, we can’t let the end of the night pass without mentioning the amazing final table of the PCA main event. The top three players are all separated by one big blind. One of those players is Xuan Liu who now holds the distinction of having gone the deepest of any woman in PCA history. For a wrap-up of the day and all you need to know about the final table, visit the 2012 PCA main event live updates, chip counts, and payouts page.

    Given that we are able to drag ourselves from our beds, we’ll be right back here in about nine hours to resume our coverage of the PCA $25,000 High Roller (not to mention full coverage of the final table). The math tells us it should take all day and night to get down to the final table of eight. Here’s to hoping the math is wrong.

    In the meantime, thanks for sticking with us tonight. We’ll see you in a few hours to see if Nick Yunis and Bill Perkins can continue to amaze.

    All High Roller photography © Neil Stoddart

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