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For all those people prone to respond to such things with, “It was my understanding that there would be no math,” please be aware the following post about the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure qualifying requires some addition. It’s worth it, however, to explain how the PCA prize pool is getting ready to crest $5.3 million.

As you should be aware by now, we have less than four weeks until the start of the ninth annual PCA. As of this morning, 378 people had already won full packages to the main event. Included in those packages is money for plane fare, a room and food credit at Atlantis, and the main event buy-in. It’s quite a deal.

Just a quick scan of the people who have qualified for PCA packages shows a lot of big-name Team PokerStars Pros, members of Team Online, and former EPT winners. Here are just a few of the people you’re sure to see at the tables on Paradise Island.

  • Vanessa Selbst
  • Matthias De Meulder
  • Toni Judet
  • Pat Pezzin
  • Victor Ramdin
  • Nicolas Chouity,
  • Ronny Kaiser
  • Kevin MacPhee
  • Martin Schleich,
  • John Shipley ,
  • Mike McDonald
  • Anders Berg
  • Kevin Thurman
  • Shane Schleger
  • Here’s where the math comes into play.

    In addition to the 378 who won full packages via the normal routes, 100 players picked up full PCA adventures in the PokerStars 10th Anniversary PCA Giveaway. Don’t put away your calculator yet, because 51 more people have already registered for the PCA using cash from their PokerStars accounts.

    So, add them all up and you have 529 people ready to sit down for the 2012 PCA main event. With more than three weeks to go until we start, the prize pool is almost at $5.3 million. What’s more, qualifiers are running all the time.


    On the ride to Paradise Island

    If you’re looking for a way to be among those of down in the tropics this January, here are some of your best chances of the week.


  • 14:00 — $215–(2 packages)
  • 16:41 — $33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • L20:30 — $700–(1 package)
  • Wednesday

  • 14:01 — $320-1R1A (1 package)
  • 16:41 — $33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • 20:30 — $33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • Thursday

  • 15:00 — $530 (2 packages)
  • 16:41 — $33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • 20:30 — $215 (1 package)
  • Friday

  • 16:41 — $33+R-3xT (1 package)
  • Saturday

  • 12:30 — $215 (2 packages)
  • 16:41 — $33+R-3xT (2 packages)
  • Sunday

  • 05:00 — $320 (1 package)
  • 15:00 — $700 (30 packages)
  • 16:41 — $33+R (1 package]
  • 18:00 — $530 (2 packages)
  • If you’re planning a trip down to Paradise Island and don’t want to get locked out of any of the side events, you can now register for those tournaments on PokerStars using your PokerStars account. Just click on Events > PCA > Qualifiers, register, and all you need to do is show up with your ID to pick up your seat assignment.

    One last thing…if you are hoping to get into the PCA via the always-popular FPP Mega-Path events, now’s the time. The last Mega-Path final is coming up December 19 at 01:00.

    So, lessons learned here:

    1) Time is running out.
    2) There is still time.
    3) Time to make it happen, cap’n.

    For more information and the full tournament schedule, visit the 2012 PCA page.

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