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There is a school of thought that teaches you to begin your day as you want to end it. Want to feel strong when you go to bed? Wake up with a good work out. That’s what Tito Ortiz, Liv Boeree and a few others did this morning here at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

NEIL9716_PCA2015_Liv_Boeree_Tito_Ortiz_Neil Stoddart.jpg

No surprise, perhaps, that Boeree came punching hard into Day 2 and looks good to make the money tomorrow in Day 3 of the 2015 PCA Main Event. This is no small accomplishment, because a min-cash is worth more than $17,000 and the winner will bank nearly $1.5 million.

Walter Fisher was on a diet when he woke up, but he knew he needed strength. Enter the breakfast of champions: lox and a bagel.

“I actually broke my diet and had lox and a bagel!” he said. “I’m going to have to have the same thing tomorrow.”

Fisher just bagged up 497,000 and will go to dinner and bed as the chip leader.

8G2A2492_PCA2015_Walter_Fisher_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Walter Fisher

We haven’t had an opportunity to check in on the breakfasts of the remaining 180+ players left in the Main Event, but we’re just going to assume they knew what they were doing. Among the bigger stacks we found Hugh Drummond (456,800), Juan Pastor (446,000), Adam Reynolds (378,500), and Pratyush Buddiga (357,900).

Not to be outdone by Boeree and her Tito workout, several members of Team Pro looked strong to end the day.

Naoya Kihara — 301,800
Daniel Negreanu — 295,600
Liv Boeree — 247,100
Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier — 212,400
Andre Akkari — 161,100
Mickey Petersen — 103,800
George Lind — 93,200
Leo Margets — 91,300
Jonathan Duhamel — 77,700
Alex “Kanu7” Millar — 57,700
Jason Mercier — 49,000

Naoya Kihara_2015 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 2_Giron_8JG9916.jpg

Naoya Kihara

8G2A2089_PCA2015_Daniel_Negreanu_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Camera 2, take Negreanu

While Ortiz was out punching on the beach this morning, his fellow sporting legends made it into Day 2. It was a sub-par day for golfer Sergio Garcia, but Brazil’s Ronaldo continued to prove he has a life after football and finished the day on 146,000.

Ronaldo Brasileiro_Sergio Garcia_2015 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 2_Giron_8JG0049.jpg

Garcia and Ronaldo

If beginning as you want to end is a good creed, then everyone should look in the direction of Nenad Medic. He began his Caribbean adventures in 2005, the very first year Atlantis hosted the tournament. He made the final table. He’s been back every year since and has made Day 3 this time.

Nenad Medic_2015 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 2_Giron_8JG9911.jpg

Nenad Medic

For those still in, it may seem like this isn’t real life at all. And for some folks, it’s not anymore.

Apparently not everyone started their day right. To wit, you might recall bad boy Roger Teska, the 2014 super-drinky super-villain of the PCA. This year, he was the last person to register for the Main Event and was one of the first people eliminated on Day 2.

While we can’t comment on how the rest of these folks started their day, we know they are finishing it with a lot of free time tomorrow. Team Pros Jake Cody, Eugene Katchalov, Chris Moneymaker, George Danzer, Christian de Leon, and Vanessa Selbst all went bust. So did SportStar Fatima Moreira De Melo and Team Online’s Mikhail Shalamov, Andre Coimbra, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Isaac Haxton, Randy Lew, and Roy Bhasin.

Chris Moneymaker_2015 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 2_Giron_8JG9953.jpg

Onto the next one, Mr. Moneymaker

So, now we reach the point at which the field will soon fit within a few tables. When we finish Sunday night, the Main Event will look like a side event…just one with a really big prize pool.

8G2A1914_PCA2015_Tournament_Room_Neil Stoddart.jpg

It won’t look this big on Sunday

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That really should be enough, shouldn’t it? Sure it is.

With that, we bid you a goodnight and a Tito Ortiz-syle day tomorrow. Make sure to eat your Wheaties. Or, you know, lox and a bagel.

Come back tomorrow to follow all the action from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure on PokerStars Blog. Everything from the Main Event is on the Main Event page and on EPT Live.

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